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Jia Liang Kow

Jia Liang is a marketing intern at Solar AI who is dedicated to shedding light on solar knowledge. When he's not crafting compelling content, Jia Liang enjoys immersing himself in movies and TV shows. An outdoor enthusiast, he loves to hit the trails, bask in the sun's energy, and perhaps even catch a solar-powered joke or two along the way.
Solar Applications

Do Energy Efficient Appliances Make Financial Sense?

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction In the pursuit of sustainable living, every choice within our homes carries weight. “Are energy efficient appliances worth it?” This question revolves around the equilibrium between upfront financial investment and the

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Solar Applications

Are Solar Powered Air Conditioners a Value Choice?

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes Introduction As our collective concern for safeguarding the planet intensifies, we start to observe the rise of inventive and environmentally conscious technologies, promising to elevate our lives sustainably. For those of us

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