Are Solar Powered Air Conditioners a Value Choice?

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As our collective concern for safeguarding the planet intensifies, we start to observe the rise of inventive and environmentally conscious technologies, promising to elevate our lives sustainably. For those of us residing in the sultry climes of South East Asia, where the fusion of heat and humidity is a daily reality, air conditioners have evolved from being a luxury to a necessity. However, the inescapable truth remains—air conditioning systems rank among the most voracious consumers of electricity in our households. Amidst climate change worries and the call to protect our planet, how can we balance comfort with challenges? Enter solar-powered air conditioners – a promising solution.

What Are Solar Powered Air Conditioners?

Solar powered air conditioners, as the name implies, harness energy derived from sunlight to drive the cooling process. Diverging from conventional air conditioning units that draw power exclusively from the electrical grid, solar powered systems capitalise on photovoltaic panels to transform sunlight into a sustainable and clean energy source.

Benefits of Solar Powered Air Conditioners

Positive Environmental Impact

By utilising solar energy as a clean and renewable source, solar powered air conditioners significantly reduce their dependency on fossil fuels. This transition translates into a substantial decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Cost Savings on Utility Bills

While solar powered AC units may still draw some electricity from the main power grid, their consumption is notably reduced. As a result, substantial cost savings are realised on air conditioning bills. These savings contribute to offsetting the initial investment required for solar panel installation.

Independent System

As the solar powered AC units predominantly rely on the solar energy, they remain independence from external power sources such as the main grid. Their self-sufficiency makes them dependable cooling even in the face of power outages, offering a worry-free experience for homeowners.

Drawbacks of Solar Powered Air Conditioners

Dependence on Sunlight

The availability of sunlight intrinsically ties solar powered AC units, which can pose challenges, particularly during seasons with reduced sunlight. Non-summer months often experience fewer daylight hours and diminished sunlight intensity, potentially impacting the system’s overall efficiency. This seasonality aspect might result in decreased cooling capabilities during critical times.
Explore our article discussing how the climate and surrounding temperature can affect your solar savings!

High Upfront Costs and Long Breakeven Period

The initial investment required for purchasing and installing solar powered air conditioners, including the necessary solar panels, can be substantial. This cost factor might deter prospective individuals from adopting this technology. This financial hurdle gains further complexity when recognising the relatively extended breakeven period required to recover the initial investment. Homeowners might perceive this duration as a risk, considering the time required to start realising financial benefits from their investment.

Maintenance Costs

Furthermore, even though solar panels possess durability in design, they remain susceptible to wear and tear over time. The prospect of insuring solar panels introduces an additional layer of consideration, particularly in terms of potential repair and maintenance expenses.

Suboptimal Utilisation of Roof Space

Relying solely on solar energy to power air conditioning might not make the most efficient use of available roof space. Maximising solar capabilities could involve integrating broader energy solutions that leverage solar-generated electricity for various household appliances beyond just air conditioning.

Expanding The Use of Solar Energy

Expanding the use of solar energy beyond air conditioning presents an opportunity to optimise roof space usage. Rather than limiting solar power to cooling alone, integrating solar-generated electricity for the entire household offers multifaceted advantages. This approach not only enhances cost savings and reduces the carbon footprint but also bolsters resilience against energy price fluctuations. By harnessing solar power’s evolving potential, homeowners can adopt a forward-looking, eco-conscious lifestyle that embraces a broader spectrum of energy-efficient possibilities. With that said, the various pros and cons of adopting renewable solar energy, as discussed earlier, remain relevant.

Risk-free Option For Solar

A promising solution to address these considerations has emerged in the form of an innovative rent-to-own solar model. This approach has garnered significant attention and appeal among numerous potential homeowners. The intent behind the rent-to-own model is to alleviate the concerns and uncertainties that prospective homeowners might have while contemplating solar adoption for their residences.

GetSolar provides “solar-as-a-service”, the pioneer of its kind in Singapore, furnishes homeowners with a risk-free opportunity that instantly translates into savings right from the first month!


Solar powered air conditioners emerge as a pivotal choice for a sustainable future. Yet, our vision should extend beyond cooling alone. By expanding solar energy to power entire households, we amplify savings, diminish our environmental impact, and bolster resilience.

The future of solar energy gleams brightly, particularly in light of inventive rent-to-own models like GetSolar’s. These models render solar power adoption almost risk-free, augmenting accessibility and propelling us toward a collective endeavour to nurture a sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle. As we appreciate the potential of solar powered air conditioners, let’s fully embrace the broader scope of solar energy, ensuring a greener and more brilliant future.

To get an instant estimate on how much a solar panel system will cost for your home, you can access our free solar simulator by clicking below.

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