A Year Under the Sun: 2023 Highlights, 2024 Vision

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What An Incredible 2023

As we wave goodbye to an incredible year, it’s time to take a stroll down memory lane. We’re pausing to appreciate the highs, lows, and everything in between that made 2023 special for our solar journey. Big shoutout to our amazing community, customers, and supporters—your role was nothing short of crucial.

Now, grab a virtual seat because we’re about to spill the beans on the good stuff.

2023 is our biggest year yet: from expanding our newest product line, the zero upfront cost Rent-To-Own model, to the bold move of transforming Solar AI into GetSolar, we’ve done quite a few things to say the least.

We could not have done this without you—our loyal customers who make it all happen! As we flip the calendar, we’re not just reflecting; we’re gearing up for what lies ahead. Get ready for ‘A Year Under the Sun: 2023 Highlights, 2024 Vision.’ It’s gonna be a ride, and we’re thrilled to have you along!

Founders Luke Ong, Gérald Chablowski, Bolong Chew

2023 Highlights

Our Solar Impact in 2023

Buckle up because 2023 has been a ride! We cranked up our commitment to solar energy, and took strides in maximising our environmental impact. Let’s break it down:

Residential Projects

We are proud to announce that we have signed nearly 90 residential projects in 2023. This shows that more and more homeowners are excited about using solar energy, and it reflects our commitment to keeping up with the changing needs of our communities.

Total Capacity

A substantial achievement unfolded as we’ve installed over 1200 kWp of solar panels in 2023, which translates to an estimated carbon abatement of approximately 16,000 tons. To put things into perspective, this is the environmental benefit of planting close to 11,000 trees!

These numbers shout loud and clear that our mission is on fire, creating a real impact in the communities we serve. As we raise a toast to our wins and look forward, we’re excited about the chance to keep this momentum going in the coming years.

How Did We Do It?

Let’s talk tech! GetSolar continues to be powered by technology. Our solar panel calculator remains an indispensable tool that our customers love to use. It is able to instantly deliver solar estimates on customer roofs, using advanced geospatial data to map ’em out.

By simplifying the process, it not only provides invaluable insights but also ensures an efficient and accurate assessment for our clients. This tool underscores our commitment to innovation in our field and, most importantly, customer satisfaction.

Solar Simulator

Solar AI becomes GetSolar

In 2023, we decided to shake things up a bit—probably one of the biggest shake-ups since we kicked off in 2020. We waved goodbye to Solar AI Technologies and said a cheerful hello to GetSolar. Now, don’t worry, we’re still all about tech—our commitment to it is like our secret sauce in the solar industry after all.

Our new identity is all about you. Yep, you heard it right, our awesome customers are now front and centre. Even though we’re still tech lovers at heart, this new identity is a deliberate move to make sure our customers are at the heart of everything we do. This shift opens up new possibilities, way beyond just data and numbers, and emphasises our commitment to a customer-centric future.

A lot has changed with this complete brand overhaul! Everything from our name, logo, website, colours, vision, mission, and more has received a refreshing new look. You can read the full rebranding story and all its details right here.

GetSolar Founder Bolong Chew explains our rebrand in full

GetSolar Concludes Seed Round

And on top of these exciting changes, we’re thrilled to announce that we have secured S$1.5 million in seed round funding led by Earth Venture Capital, with participation from Undivided Ventures, Investible, and climate-tech angel investor David Pardo! This funding will power us to take GetSolar to new heights in 2024.

Solar AI Technologies raises $1.5m to hyperscale Rent-To-Own solar

Our fundraising news featured on Yahoo Finance

Your Stories, Our Drive

We’ve got our ears wide open, and here’s what you’ve been saying about us. We thrive on your stories, your reasons for choosing GetSolar, and how we’re powering you through your solar journey. Your tales are like rocket fuel for us, keeping the inspiration flowing.

Now, why do you GetSolar? Some of you are nature lovers, drawn in by the allure of green landscapes. Others are fixing leaky roofs and embracing solar as the solution. No matter the reason, our ultimate goal remains unchanged: we’re here to make getting solar a breeze for all property owners, steering the world towards a zero-carbon future. Let’s keep the conversations buzzing and the solar vibes strong!

You can read more inspiring customer stories right here.

2024 Vision

Enhanced Solar Panel Calculator

As mentioned earlier in our 2023 recap, at GetSolar, our solar panel calculator isn’t just a tool; it’s a favourite among our customers, with an average of close to 800 visitors to our calculator page each month. We’re all about making solar ownership a breeze, so we’re taking this calculator to the next level.

Listening to your feedback, our tech squad is working hard to enhance user experience, focusing on simplicity and practicality. We’re tuning up the roof-drawing feature for smoother navigation, throwing in a handy integrated referral programme for customers who are being referred by a friend or family, and readily available WhatsApp customer assistance.

As we prepare to unveil the revamped solar panel calculator in 2024, we’re confident it’ll be a significant step forward for our customers, enhancing their ability to calculate solar savings with ease. Because at GetSolar, we believe in making solar simple, and this update is another stride towards an even better solar experience for you.

Continued Growth and Expansion

We have vibrant plans for GetSolar in 2024. The main initiatives will unfold in two significant ways. First, an expansion of our solar offerings in Singapore. Secondly, a dynamic regional expansion, introducing GetSolar to new markets beyond Singapore.

Solar for Commercial Properties

Currently, our local offerings primarily focus on residential solar, particularly our innovative rent-to-own model. In 2024, we will be broadening our solar offerings to encompass small and medium commercial properties. We’ve dabbled in commercial solar before, serving big names like AP Oil, and now it’s time to take it up a notch. Therefore, we are confident in taking this step and extending the benefits of clean energy to a broader spectrum of businesses.

Regional Expansion

Simultaneously, We’re not stopping at the city-state borders. Nope, we’re eyeing a broader playground in Southeast Asia. It’s a bit ambitious, sure, but it aligns perfectly with our commitment to a greener future. As we dive into this new chapter, we’re sticking to our core values: innovation, sustainability, and making sure our customers are always at the heart of what we do.

So, get ready for the ride! In 2024, we’re bringing solar solutions to more homes and businesses, aiming for a cleaner and more sustainable future for everyone. Stay tuned for the journey ahead!

To Our Customers

First off, a big shoutout to each one of you for choosing to embark on this solar adventure with us. But hey, the journey doesn’t end here, and we’d love for you to continue riding the solar wave with us! Here’s how you can play an active part in this solar revolution:

Here’s how you can help:

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Did you know you can turn your excess solar energy into extra perks? Make the most of your solar system by selling Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). It’s a hassle-free process, and at GetSolar, we’ve got your back. Curious? Dive into the details here.

GetSolar Referral Programme

GetSolar 2023 Referral Programme

Spread the solar love by introducing your friends and family to the wonders of solar energy. And guess what? You both get rewarded! This festive season, our referral programme comes with a generous $250 reward for both you and your referral upon the completion of their solar installation. So, after you’ve GetSolar, let’s make it a season of GiftSolar.

Your support means the world to us, and together, we’re making a real difference. Let’s keep the solar momentum going strong into 2024!

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