Building intelligence for rooftop solar projects

By combining geospatial analysis of satellite imagery with big data and machine learning, Solar AI analyzes rooftop solar potential and estimates savings virtually, empowering solar sales teams and roof owners in the switch to clean energy.


Win More Business

Our building intelligence platform empowers solar developers and installers to conduct outbound sales by searching for new prospects, uncovering insights and connecting with building owners.


Revitalize Your Outbound Sales


Prospecting at Scale

Our algorithms identifies and analyzes prospects from satellite imagery and geospatial data, so you spend less time searching.


Data-driven Decisions

With up to 30 data points on each prospect, make informed decisions with data as your competitive advantage.


Prioritized Leads

Our lead scoring mechanism incorporates data insights to identify relevant leads and helps prioritize your efforts on closing sales.

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Get Solar on Your Roof

Our proprietary AI technology virtually identifies and analyzes your rooftop for solar deployment. Discover the solar potential of your roof and maximize the cost savings on your electricity bills.

Why We Exist

Our mission is to hyperscale the deployment of distributed solar and the transition towards 100% renewables by modernizing the way rooftop solar is sold.