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Benefits of Installing Solar
Panels in Singapore

With our limited land space and sunny tropical climate, solar power is a suitable energy source that can be generated by making use of the rooftops of homes and commercially-owned buildings. So, why not embrace the sun and make the switch to solar? Here are the benefits that you can enjoy:

Highly durable and efficient

As solar systems have no moving parts, they are reliable throughout their operational life. Even after 25 years, these systems are expected to maintain around 80% efficiency.

This makes solar a dependable source of renewable energy for the long term.


Protective barrier for
your roof

Solar panels can absorb the sun’s heat and radiation while the small gap between the panels and the roof facilitates airflow. By serving as a form of protection against the sun’s rays, solar panels can help to extend the lifespan of your roof.


Save more On
Electricity Bills

Installing solar panels offers an opportunity to maximise your savings on electricity bills. 

Depending on your electricity consumption and the size of your roof, you could potentially enjoy savings of up to 70% on your monthly electricity expenses!


GetSolar's Solar Panel Price Plans for Homes

Explore our solar panel price plans for homeowners in Singapore. Whether you prefer the Rent-To-Own programme or an upfront purchase, we offer sustainable solutions that enable you to go green without straining your finances.

GetSolar Rent-To-Own 10-year plan

Affordable, hassle-free monthly payments

from $210 /month
  • *$0 upfront
  • Own the system after 10 years
  • 10 years workmanship warranty with performance guarantee
  • Free maintenance for 10 years
  • *Not inclusive of 6 months refundable deposit and scaffolding costs (case-by-case basis)
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GetSolar Rent-To-Own 5 year plan

Pay a down payment, with reduced monthly payments

from $160 /month
  • ~50% upfront
  • Own the system after 5 years
  • 5 years workmanship warranty with performance guarantee
  • Free maintenance for 5 years
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With a remarkable 89% drop in solar energy costs, this form of renewable energy has now become an economical alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Enjoy the financial benefits of solar energy by making an upfront purchase and securing your ownership today.

GetSolar Upfront Purchase

Pay upfront and own your system to enjoy free solar energy

  • From $20,000 upfront
  • N/A
  • Own the system immediately
  • 1 – 2 years workmanship warranty with no performance guarantee
  • $500/visit annual maintenance charge
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GetSolar's Solar Panel Price Plans
for Businesses

Embrace sustainability for your business with our solar panel solutions in Singapore. Whether you prefer the flexibility of solar leasing plans or an upfront purchase, we are dedicated to ensuring a seamless transition to solar power for you.

Long Term Plan

Higher monthly discounts

  • $0 upfront
  • 15 – 20 years contract
  • Up to 70% discount on electricity
  • Free maintenance
  • Minimum energy guarantee

Renewal Plan

Shorter lock-in period

  • 0$ upfront
  • 5 – 10 years contract
  • Up to 50% discount on electricity
  • Free maintanence
  • Minimum energy guarantee

If you have the financial resources to invest in solar energy and would like to make the transition immediately, you can choose an upfront purchase plan to take full ownership of the system.

GetSolar Upfront Purchase

Pay upfront and own your system to save the most in the long term

~$50,000 – $120,000
  • No monthly payments
  • Additional charge for maintenance
  • No minimum energy guanrantee
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Step By Step

Solar Panel Installation Process
in Singapore

 As a leading solar panel company in Singapore, our team is committed to facilitating a seamless journey— from the initial application through installation to the ongoing maintenance of your solar panels. Evaluate your property’s suitability with ease through our solar panel calculator.

Step 1

Generate a Solar Estimate

Start your journey by using our solar simulator to receive an estimate of the number of solar panels required for your home. Through the simulator, you can also gauge the estimated associated costs and potential savings for your home when you transition to solar energy.

Learn How Much You Can Save
Step 2

Speak to a sales specialist

Upon receiving your solar estimate, a sales specialist will reach out to gather additional information and documents from you. The sales representative will also conduct a digital survey on your property to curate a design for your solar system.

Step 3

Receive a solar proposal

A customised solar panel proposal will be generated and sent to you. Our sales specialist will then guide you through the proposal, providing advice and answering any questions you have along the way.

Step 4

Confirmatory site survey and contract signing

When you have expressed interest in the solar offer, we will proceed with a confirmatory site survey to ensure your home is ready for the solar panel installation. This on-site assessment typically takes an hour. Following this, we will send a contract for your review and signing.

Step 5

Installation and
commission of solar panels

Upon signing the contract, our team will initiate the solar panel installation, a process that typically spans 3 to 5 days. We will then engage a Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) to commission and turn on the solar PV system, including applying for the relevant electrical licences and assessing the electrical connection requirements.

Step 6

Generate solar power

Once it has been certified to be ready for operations, you are good to turn the system on, seamlessly generating solar power for your household and generating profits from excess energy sell backs.

Step 7

Post-installation maintenance
and support

Rest assured that our committed team is here to ensure the continued performance and efficiency of your solar panel system through routine inspections. These inspections are free-of-charge for those enrolled under the Rent-To-Own programm, while those who have selected the upfront purchase plan will be subjected to a small fee.

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Enjoy Greater Savings With Solar
Energy Today!

Our commitment to using only the best equipment ensures long-term savings while you play your part to save the planet. Here’s how much you can save depending on your roof size:

Big roof size

1st Year Savings*:
  • 499 tonnes of CO2 offset
  • Equivalent to powering 247 flats for a year

Medium roof size

1st Year Savings*:
  • 249 tonnes of CO2 offset
  • Equivalent to powering 133 flats for a year

Small roof size

1st Year Savings*:
  • 125 tonnes of CO2 offset
  • Equivalent to powering 67 flats for a year

*Figures are based on estimates. Actual savings may vary.


Why Choose GetSolar?


Passionate team of solar experts

Our team of experts is equipped with the right knowledge and can assist you in making informed decisions. 
Moreover, we are committed to ensuring the longevity and performance of your solar PV system throughout the duration of your contract.


Fast and transparent process

Our dedicated sales specialists are here to offer guidance at every step of the process. We will respond to your queries within 3 to 5 business days.
Furthermore, we believe in full transparency – all project details and costs will be clearly laid out in your contract, with no hidden fees.


Save and earn at the same time

Look forward to saving up to 70% on your monthly electricity bills with solar energy.
Beyond these savings from your selected energy plan, you can also explore earning opportunities through our Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) programme.

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Frequently asked questions

The cost of a solar panel installation can vary based on several factors including the number of solar panels needed, roof material, and the complexity of the project. Get a quote for your residential or commercial property with GetSolar today.

No, our solar installation contract at GetSolar will offer you a complete breakdown of all costs. Our team will conduct a site visit to assess whether scaffolding is needed, and if required, the cost will be included in your contract.

There are currently no grants available for solar panel installation for residential properties in Singapore.

For business owners interested in installing solar panels, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark Incentive Scheme for Existing Buildings (GMIS-EB 2.0) is an option worth exploring. Note that your building must first have a Green Mark Certification Rating, which determines the funding factor you are allocated. There are also other eligibility criteria to be met before you can apply for the scheme.

The amount of savings you can enjoy will largely depend on 3 factors:

  • Your energy consumption patterns
  • Your existing electricity retailer and utility rate
  • The number of solar panels that your roof can accommodate

Estimate your potential savings with our solar simulator today.

Both plans offer the benefit of installing solar panels with minimal upfront payment. However, with a bank loan, you are likely to incur interest charges.

Our Rent-To-Own programme is specially designed to provide you with a hassle-free solar experience. There are no upfront costs and you would not be affected by fluctuating interest rates. Instead, you will make a fixed monthly payment that covers all maintenance fees and warranties.

Absolutely! You can benefit from rebates through SP Group when you sell unused solar energy back to the grid. If you are a homeowner using SP Services, you will receive payments at the standard electricity tariff rate minus grid charges, which typically amounts to 25% of the cost of electricity.

For homeowners under contract with an Open Electricity Market (OEM) retailer, your compensation will be based on the Wholesale Uniform Singapore Energy Price (USEP).

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