United by Solar: Unique Stories of Singaporeans Choosing GetSolar

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At GetSolar (formerly Solar AI Technologies), we believe in the power of solar energy to transform lives. We’ve had the privilege of speaking with some of our diverse customers, each with their own distinctive journey towards embracing solar power. What makes these stories truly remarkable is the thread that binds them all together – the shared commitment to sustainability and the choice to make a positive impact on the environment. Despite their varied backgrounds and reasons for going solar, these Singaporeans are united by a common goal: harnessing the sun’s energy for a brighter, greener future. Let’s hear from a few of them.

A GetSolar Story: Rekindling Solar Dreams After a Decade

Ten years back, the thought of owning a solar panel system in Singapore was a distant dream, especially with sky-high prices reaching over $100,000. Back then, diving into the world of solar energy was a luxury reserved for the green crusaders among us. To add to the challenge, the lack of advanced monitoring and tracking features made the idea even more daunting.

But here’s the twist in the tale! Thanks to the game-changing SolarNova programme, the spark for solar energy has been reignited in the hearts of many, including our wonderful customers, Patricia and Jean.

Today, we’re delving into their stories and how GetSolar played a pivotal role in helping them revisit their solar journey that had been on pause for a whole decade.


Patricia is an environmentally friendly individual who already considered getting solar 10 years ago due to recommendations from her interior designer. However, she was held back by its exorbitant prices back then. Just a year ago, she came across a Straits Times article about Solar Nova, which reignited her pursuit for a solar-powered home.

What made you decide to get solar?

When we built our house, our designer suggested us to get solar. We were really inclined to the idea because it’s really environmentally friendly to do so, but it was way too expensive back then to be worth the cost. So, I decided to put this on hold and eventually forgot about it.

However, my interest to get solar reignited when I came across a Straits Times article, which talked in depth about the Solar Nova plan and the government’s initiatives to install solar. Intrigued, I convinced my husband to consider getting solar for the household, and that is when we began our search for a solar company to work with.

Why did you decide to go with GetSolar?

When I initially started my search for a solar panel company, it was quite frustrating because the companies I reached out to via the phone were generally quite unresponsive, so it was really difficult to get started. I then started to use Google to find companies to work with, and that is when I came across GetSolar.

When I called through their hotline, it was a really pleasant surprise for me as I was immediately attended to by the sales staff. Bolong also went especially out of the way to address my concerns, even connecting me to previous customers so that I could have greater clarity on solar installation process in Singapore. The prices quoted were really reasonable, in addition to the 10 year rent-to-own plan that covered all maintenance & servicing fees, which was really up our alley.

Within just a few days of discussion, everything was settled and I was well on my way to becoming a solar homeowner. Even during post purchase, I still vividly remember a time where our car charging pod was down, but GetSolar went the extra mile to help us solve this issue.

I would say I’m a very happy solar homeowner. Thank you GetSolar!


Despite Jean being extremely foreign to the world of solar, she was still motivated to try installing solar on her roof, inspired by government initiatives such as Solar Nova as well as articles on banks financing solar options. Being new to solar, Jean naturally had multiple queries and concerns about solar, but thanks to GetSolar’s responsive sales team & our zero upfront cost offer, she was able to garner the confidence to move ahead with solar

What made you decide to get solar?

A decade ago, I had initially wanted to install solar panels due to an interest in lowering my carbon footprint. However, the exorbitant costs associated with solar technology at the time made it an impractical endeavour.

My interest in embracing solar energy was rekindled after I came across multiple articles highlighting the financing options available for solar projects in Singapore, particularly through the SolarNova initiative and HDB solar panels, which sparked my interest to try solar again.

Why did you decide to go with GetSolar?

As someone who’d never explored solar before, entering the world of solar felt a bit daunting and unfamiliar. Many questions were racing through my mind, such as the installation process and the required paperwork. On top of that, the significant financial commitment made me want to be extra cautious.

Fortunately, the Rent-To-Own plan turned out to be a lifesaver. Being able to pay for solar on a monthly basis, on top of the complimentary servicing & maintenance for my panels, perfectly answered any concerns I had about installing solar in Singapore.

GetSolar’s Rent-to-Own Solar Programme

GetSolar also took the extra mile to introduce other customers to me to understand how the solar installation process is like in Singapore, which ultimately gave me to confidence to get solar.

I also want to thank Bolong for his high level of expertise as well as professionalism when it comes to his work.

From the get go, he was extremely patient in answering & clarifying any questions that I had, especially because I was very new to solar & was unsure where I could get more information about installing solar in Singapore.

I appreciated that he was wiling to hand hold me through the process of getting solar, even helping me connect to some of his own customers to share about their experiences of getting solar, which I was very appreciative of.

To date, my solar panel system is working very well and I’ve never looked back at getting solar. I am a very happy customer!

A GetSolar Story: How A Crack In His House Inspired Brandon’s Household To Get Solar

Brandon is the son in the family who decided to get solar after discovering its benefits and ease of installation on its newly fitted metal roof

Picture this: a typical day at Brandon’s household took an unexpected turn when he discovered a troubling crack in one of the support beams. Worried, he sought help from a professional engineer, only to find out that their home was on the brink of collapse due to the weight of their old clay tile roof. The solution? Switching to a sturdy metal roof.

Little did Brandon know that this change would pave the way for something extraordinary. With the new metal roof overhead, he stumbled upon the wonderful world of solar energy. The best part? Installing solar panels became a breeze, no drilling or external intervention needed!

Intrigued and inspired, Brandon decided to team up with GetSolar to embark on his solar journey. Since then, their family hasn’t looked back. Discover how this unexpected twist led to a brighter, greener future for Brandon and his household.

What made you decide to get solar?

In the midst of renovating our home, we made a surprising discovery – a massive crack in one of our structural beams. Concerned about the structural integrity of our house, we sought the expertise of a professional engineer. He pointed to the root cause of the crack: the immense weight of our roof, with its heavy clay tile covering. To address this issue, we decided to make a significant change by replacing the traditional roof with a lightweight metal roof.

As we were researching roofing options, we stumbled upon the remarkable advantages of integrating solar panels with a metal roof. The promise of easy installation and substantial cost savings immediately caught our attention, leading us on a quest to find the perfect solar installer.

Why did you decide to go with GetSolar?

When it came to selecting the ideal solar installation partner, we went on an online search, exploring various options. However, our journey hit a roadblock when other installers proposed covering our entire roof with solar panels, overlooking the shading caused by nearby trees on the west side of our house. It just didn’t align with our vision.

Beyond the shading of your roof, there are other factors to take into consideration when reviewing your installer’s solar panel design. Click here to learn more about these factors!

Our turning point arrived when we discovered GetSolar. What set them apart was their ability to provide a precise, tailored quote that factored in our unique circumstances. This approach opened up productive discussions within our family, especially with my father, about the project’s feasibility.

We were particularly impressed by Bolong, GetSolar’s dedicated sales representative. His knowledge and helpfulness stood out as he patiently guided us through the technical intricacies of the installation process. Even when unexpected challenges cropped up, Bolong was flexible. He accommodated our revised timeline without additional charges, considering a brief delay caused by our internal contractor’s financial setbacks during home renovation.

The seamless experience with GetSolar was so seamless and rewarding that we only had one concern which was negotiating the price of our solar panels. Bolong worked with us, rounding it down from $21,000 to $20,000, creating a perfectly rounded figure!

A GetSolar Story: How Getting Solar Helped Alleviate Kenny’s Electricity Bill Woes

We’ve all been there – the dreaded surge in electricity bills that leaves you searching for solutions. Meet Kenny, a business owner in Singapore who found himself in a similar predicament. Last year, when electricity prices hit an all-time high, Kenny tried everything, even installing surge suppressors in his shop, but nothing seemed to make a dent in those soaring bills.

Then, one day, a ray of hope beamed down on him – the idea of solar energy. It clicked instantly. Kenny saw it as the ultimate solution to his electricity bill worries.

If you’ve ever faced the challenges of high electricity consumption and bills in Singapore, Kenny’s story will resonate with you.

What made you decide to get solar?

The idea of adopting solar power had been on my mind for quite some time, especially as I witnessed my electricity bills consistently hover between $500 and $600. Despite trying various strategies, such as installing surge suppressors in my workshop to counteract morning power spikes, my efforts to reduce electricity consumption had proven fruitless. That’s when I began to seriously consider the potential of solar panels.

The concept of solar panels appealed to me on multiple levels. Not only could they help me save significantly on my electricity bills, but they also provided an opportunity to power my home with clean, renewable energy, thus contributing positively to the environment.

Why did you decide to go with GetSolar?

My introduction to GetSolar came through a trusted source – my interior designer, who highly recommended their services.

Upon engaging with GetSolar, I was impressed by their thorough approach. They walked me through GetSolar’s various payment plans and ensured I had a comprehensive understanding of the installation process and timeline before I committed to anything. The installation itself was a remarkably smooth process, which included the setup of scaffolding for safety and convenience.

There were some initial challenges in the installation due to the need to remove my existing solar water heating system, which led to a few issues with leaks. However, GetSolar quickly put me in touch with a reliable waterproofing company. Their meticulous work guaranteed that my roof would remain leak-free, offering reassurance to this unexpected hiccup.

A GetSolar Story: How Jerome Finally Managed To Get Solar For His Dream Home

In the world of seasoned homeowners, like Jerome, the importance of sustainable living takes center stage. Jerome, who has navigated through various residences in the past, made a conscious choice to prioritise eco-conscious property management in his current abode. For him, adopting solar energy was not just a decision; it was a statement of his commitment to a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.

Why solar, you ask? Well, for experienced property owners like Jerome, the appeal of solar power is crystal clear. It’s a smart investment that not only pays for itself but also significantly contributes to the environment. In Jerome’s case, this choice was intentional. When he envisioned his dream home, he wanted it to be more than just a structure; he wanted it to be a beacon of sustainability.

Thanks to GetSolar, Jerome’s vision became a reality. With their expertise, he successfully installed a highly efficient solar system on his roof. Now, his home is powered day and night, all thanks to the sun.

What made you decide to get solar?

Before I settled into my current home, my real estate journey had led me through ownership of multiple other properties. During this time, I had long contemplated the idea of embracing solar power. To me, the choice seemed clear, grounded in both practicality and principle.

From a numerical standpoint, I found it puzzling why some hesitated to adopt solar energy. It seemed like a relatively small investment, especially when compared to significant purchases like owning a car in Singapore. Yet, the returns are profound.

After a 6-8 year breakeven period, solar power offers free electricity, presenting a sustainable and cost-effective solution. Beyond the financial gains, it stands as a powerful environmental ally, contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.

When the opportunity arose to build my house from scratch, I seized the moment to transform my solar aspirations into reality. It was the perfect occasion to blend innovative home construction with the promise of renewable energy.

For me, it’s not just a smart choice; it’s a statement of my unwavering commitment to a sustainable future.

Why did you decide to go with GetSolar?

When it came to selecting a solar contractor for my home, I initially followed my house contractor’s recommendation, only to be shocked by the significantly higher quote provided. Determined to find the right fit, I embarked on a went on an online search and stumbled upon GetSolar.

When I reached out, I got in touch with Bolong, who was not just knowledgeable but also incredibly helpful. He listened to what I needed and picked out the best solar panels for my home. The best part? He made sure the setup was practical and efficient, considering all the little details like shading and accessibility.

What really won me over was their flexibility. They worked around my schedule, and Bolong even addressed my worries about potential price hikes due to delays. He assured me that my solar system would still be affordable and competitive.

In the end, it was their expertise, great service, and understanding my concerns that made GetSolar my top choice. With Bolong and his team, I knew I was in good hands, allowing me to take on my solar journey with the peace of mind I needed.

Now’s Your Turn to GetSolar!

Feeling inspired after these stories? Imagine cutting down your electricity bills while making a positive impact on the environment. With Singapore’s Rent-to-Own solar offer, you not only save instantly but also enjoy hassle-free servicing and maintenance. It’s a win-win, helping both the planet and your wallet!

Curious about solar options in Singapore? Your journey starts with our detailed guide, leading you toward a greener future. Want to know the estimated cost? Try our online roof simulator! Click below to get started and embrace the power of solar energy!

At GetSolar, we are here to provide exceptional customer experiences, share inspiring stories, and offer reliable support as we work together to build a zero carbon future—one solar panel at a time.

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