The Best Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts In Singapore (2023)

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Finding The Perfect Eco-Friendly Gifts

As the holidays draw near, let’s spice up our gift-giving game with presents that not only spread joy but also align with Singapore’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions. In a world where every choice matters, let’s make it count!

This guide has handpicked a bunch of eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas that aren’t just thoughtful but are also meant to seamlessly integrate into everyday life. We’re talking about essential items that almost everyone can find some use for. From reusable goodies to experiences that’ll light up the season, let’s make this Christmas not just merry but eco-conscious too.

1. Reusable Food Storage Containers

Stainless steel lunchboxes by ECOlunchbox

In the heart of Singaporean culture lies a love for takeaways, or as locals fondly say, ‘da bao.’ Whether enjoying meals at home or rushing back to the office, the pleasure of savouring your favourite dishes often accompanies the challenge of takeaway waste.

There’s a simple solution to all of this: why not make your lunch routine more sustainable and hassle-free?

Imagine having an eco-friendly, reusable food storage container patiently waiting for you at the office. All you have to do is grab it when heading out for lunch, ensuring that your takeaway experience remains both convenient and environmentally conscious.

It’s a small switch that makes a big difference, turning your lunch break into a moment that’s not only delicious but also eco-friendly. This makes reusable food storage containers a fantastic gift for anyone who loves a good takeaway meal.

From durable steel containers to portable collapsible silicone ones, the options are as diverse as they come. Whether your recipient needs something sturdy or on-the-go convenient, you’ll undoubtedly discover the perfect fit for their lifestyle.

Lejos Silicone Collapsible Lunch Box

2. Insulated Steel Water Bottles

In the midst of Singapore’s tropical climate, where the heat is a constant companion, staying hydrated is crucial. A practical and eco-friendly solution to beat the heat is a high-quality water bottle. You can even level up your loved ones’ hydration regime with a nifty insulated steel water bottle.

Imagine having a sleek, insulated steel bottle by your side, keeping your cold water refreshingly cool even in the sweltering Singaporean weather. This simple yet thoughtful gift ensures that the people you care about stay hydrated throughout the day. Whether hustling through the city or chilling in the shade, this water bottle isn’t just a hydration buddy; it’s a small yet impactful step toward making our surroundings a bit greener.

With names like Hydroflask, Kleen Kanteen, and Yeti in the game, you’re in for a tough time deciding! The options are so good; you might find yourself in a delightful state of choice overload. For something special, consider Owala’s FreeSip bottle. Its patented lid design offers a regular wide-mouth opening and a built-in straw, providing two delightful hydration options.

Owala FreeSip

3. Reusable Shopping Bags

Since July 3, 2023, all SFA-licensed supermarket outlets in Singapore are required to implement a minimum surcharge of 5 cents per disposable carrier bag, as part of the city-state’s commitment to its Zero Waste Masterplan. This commendable initiative encourages a reduction in single-use bags and promotes sustainable practices.

While 5 cents may seem like a small expense, it can accumulate quickly, making a significant impact over months and years. Reusable shopping bags make for a convenient and eco-friendly alternative. With options ranging from various designs to materials, you’re sure to find the perfect reusable bag for gifting. Imagine carrying your groceries in a stylish bag that not only adds flair to your shopping routine but also contributes positively to the environment.

4. Beeswax Wraps

If you haven’t yet discovered beeswax wraps, you’re in for a treat! Beeswax wraps serve as an excellent eco-friendly alternative to traditional single-use plastic wraps, boasting superiority in almost every aspect. Crafted from natural ingredients, these wraps function as a breathable layer, allowing your fruits and vegetables to retain moisture while facilitating the release of natural gases. This ingenious process prevents the accumulation of gases that can lead to bacterial growth, ultimately keeping your produce fresh for extended periods.

The possibilities are endless and creativity knows no bounds with beeswax wraps. Whether you’re folding them into unique bags or simply wrapping them directly around your produce, it’s your canvas to experiment with! With a wide array of designs available, finding the perfect one to gift this Christmas is a breeze. Beeswax wraps make for an ideal present for almost everyone, considering that everyone, in one way or another, has fresh produce in their lives!

Minimakers, a proudly Singaporean brand, specialises in offering a delightful array of beeswax wraps. Support local! Choose from a plethora of cute designs available in various sizes, allowing you to wrap your goodies with style and sustainability. One design that particularly caught our eye is the sunflower pattern. It’s like a little burst of sunshine ready to bring joy to your home. How cute is that?

Minimakers Beeswax Food Wrap in “You Are My Sunshine”

5. Introduce Solar Power To Someone

For those who are passionate about the environment, the gift of solar power could be the ultimate Christmas present. Introducing someone you care about to solar not only signifies your thoughtful gift-giving but also reflects your concern for their overall well-being. Embracing solar power comes with a multitude of advantages, including long-term cost savings and access to a clean, sustainable energy source.

GetSolar Rent-to-Own Residential Solar

The concept of solar power may seem daunting, especially with an average upfront cost of $20,000. At GetSolar, we’ve introduced an innovative rent-to-own plan to make it more accessible. We offer worry-free installations, repairs, and maintenance, all covered in one flat monthly fee.

Moreover, for our existing GetSolar customers, we’re excited to announce an ongoing referral program until January 31, 2024. Both referrers and referrals will earn a $250 cash reward upon the completion of the referral’s installation. That’s a total of $500 up for grabs! Initiating this solar journey for others becomes not only a meaningful and impactful endeavour but one that comes with substantial rewards.

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