Our mission is to make it as simple as possible for property owners to get solar.

Solar is already the cheapest form of energy.

Despite the unsubsidised cost of generating solar electricity having fallen below that of traditional fossil fuels several years ago, less than 1 percent of all rooftops in Southeast Asia have been equipped with solar panels.

Unlike paying for electricity only when we turn on the switch, solar’s upfront cost of ownership and a lack of awareness and trust in the market prevents solar adoption from scaling up across the region.

Chart source: Lazard

levelised cost of electricity lcoe

Our Story

Solar AI Technologies had its humble beginnings in early 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Seed-funded and incubated by ENGIE Factory, ENGIE’s venture arm focused on a transition towards a zero-carbon economy, we had one goal in goal in mind. To bridge the gap between property owners and energy companies in order to hyperscale the adoption of solar across Southeast Asia.

Distributed solar photovoltaics is ranked as one of the top 10 solutions by Project Drawdown, out of close to 100 solutions identified, to reverse climate change. The technology of solar photovoltaics is already mature, and we believe what is needed now is to unlock capital deployment into rooftop solar projects, and modernize the way solar is sold.  

Our Promise

We’re a social enterprise with a singular focus on the decarbonization of our energy grid to achieve an abatement of 100 million tons of carbon. We are committed to reinvesting a majority of our profits to scale the deployment of distributed solar regionally.

Our Team

Our Impact

180+ kWp

of rooftop solar installed

2,280 tons

of CO2e reduction over the lifetime of solar systems

1,505 trees

equivalent impact

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