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Our Story

Solar AI Technologies had its humble beginnings in early 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We had one goal in goal in mind: to bridge the gap between property owners and energy companies so as to drive the adoption of solar in Singapore.

Having been incubated in ENGIE Factory, ENGIE’s venture arm focused on a transition towards a zero-carbon economy, we sought to do our part to come up with solutions to achieve this important goal. We realised an intriguing problem in the solar market in Singapore. The cost of installing solar had fallen by a whopping 90% in the last decade and was cheaper than traditional energy sources. Yet, few rooftops in Singapore and around the region were equipped with solar panels.

After extensive research, we had a revelation that many of our friends, family and peers had little to no understanding of the benefits of solar. We also discovered that solar installers were experiencing an uphill battle when reaching out to property owners who would potentially install solar. This was when we saw the opportunity for us to take action.

Our Mission

To hyperscale the deployment of distributed solar and the transition towards 100% renewables by modernising the way rooftop solar is sold.

Our Promise

To enable property owners to enjoy a hassle-free digital solar journey and to act as a neutral advisor to aid them in making a better solar decision.

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