Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) in Singapore

Savings on your utility bills from day 1 with GetSolar. Discover the convenience of solar panel leasing with our zero upfront cost plans, while we handle all your solar system needs.

How It Works

How a Solar Power
Purchase Agreement (PPA) Works in Singapore

How a Power Purchase Agreement Works in Singapore

Tap into the untapped potential of your roof space with GetSolar:

You lease your unused roof to us.

We will handle the installation of the solar panels, at no expense to you.

You will be entitled to buy solar electricity generated by these panels at a reduced price, typically 50 – 70% lower than your existing electricity bills. Exact discount is dependent on your roof’s capacity.


GetSolar's Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Plans

We offer flexible financing options that allow you to lease solar panels in Singapore at an affordable price. Choose between our Long-Term Plan for higher monthly discounts or our Renewal Plan with a shorter lock-in period.

Long Term Plan

Higher monthly discounts
  • $0 upfront
  • 15 – 20 years contract
  • Up to70% discount on electricity
  • Free maintenance for 10 years
  • Minimum energy guarantee

Renewal Plan

Shorter lock-in period
    • $0 upfront
    • 5 – 10 years contract
    • Up to 50% discount on electricity
    • Minimum energy guarantee


Benefits of Solar PPA With GetSolar

Leasing solar panels is an affordable, worry-free method for accessing clean energy. Join us in embracing solar energy through a solar PPA in Singapore.

installation &

We handle the full installation and conduct routine maintenance services. Our maintenance services are free of charge for the entire length of your contract, exceeding the industry standard of 2 years of complimentary maintenance.

Enjoy the lowest
electricity prices

Our solar PPAs can offer potential savings of up to 70% on your electricity bills, ensuring you get the best deal in the market Your electricity prices are fixed throughout your contract, effectively protecting you from fluctuating costs.

Flexible plans with
zero upfront costs

Embrace solar energy with our flexible solar plans which offer contract terms as short as 5 years.
Both the renewal and long term plan allow you to lower your electricity costs without any upfront investment. 

Step By Step

Power Purchase Agreements vs Upfront Purchase

When considering solar energy, you are also given the option to make an upfront purchase. Ultimately, the choice between a PPA and an upfront purchase depends on your specific needs, budget and preferences. To help you decide, here are some key pointers to consider:
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Upfront purchase
Initial cost None High
Ownership Owned and maintained by GetSolar You own the system from day one
Energy Savings Immediate savings on your monthly electricity bills Long-term savings on your electricity costs
Maintenance and repairs Fully covered by GetSolar Have to handle maintenance & repairs on your own

Why Us?

Why Choose GetSolar?


Drivers for green energy transformation

As part of the ENGIE Group, a world leader in renewable energy, we are committed to simplifying the process of solar adoption for property owners. We aim to assist you in making a seamless transition towards a zero-carbon future with suitable solar solutions.

Collaborative approach

We will work with you to assess your financial goals, energy needs and roof characteristics to determine a feasible solar solution.
Our sales specialists will also provide unbiased advice to help you navigate the solar process with confidence.


Transparency in our

We believe in an open and honest approach, ensuring you have full visibility of all costs associated with your solar project.
Our transparency also extends to the types of products used. We use only Tier 1 solar panels and inverters to ensure the efficiency of your solar system.

Our Past Projects

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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! Solar power purchase agreements in Singapore are designed to support companies as they transition to a more sustainable economy. 

Through the leasing of your roof space, this initiative provides you with access to a renewable energy source that is both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

There are 3 main factors that determine how much money you can save:
  • Your property’s energy consumption amount and patterns
  • Your current electricity retailer and utility rate
  • The number of solar panels that your roof can accommodate
When you request a free quote, our sales specialists will work with you to assess your financial goals, energy consumption and roof space to determine how much you can expect to save with our PPA.
Entering a power purchase agreement is easy with Solar AI. We offer 2 different types of solar leasing plans for your consideration: a Long Term Plan (15 – 20 years) and a Renewal Plan (5 – 10 years). Request for a free solar assessment and our sales specialists will reach out to share more about the plans and how you can benefit from this.

While both plans allow you to use solar energy with little to no initial payment, a bank loan will charge an interest rate, and will not cover your solar system maintenance. 

Our PPA is designed to provide you with a hassle-free solar experience, allowing you to enjoy cost savings once you turn on your solar system. At zero upfront cost, you pay a discounted tariff rate for your solar electricity while enjoying full maintenance and warranty coverage.

Commercial systems can take anywhere between 1 – 3 months to complete, depending on the size and complexity of your solar project.

How the installation process affects your business depends on your day-to-day operational flow. Contact us to learn more – our team of experts will address your concerns and conduct a thorough assessment of your business’s needs.

After your contract ends, you can choose to have the solar panels removed at no additional cost. Alternatively, you can also renew your contract if you wish to continue enjoying the benefits of solar energy.

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