Sunny Side Up: Why These Singaporeans Choose Solar Energy?

Dive into the fascinating world of solar energy adoption in Singapore! Discover inspiring stories of individuals who have chosen solar power to protect oceans, preserve gardens, and grow their savings. Explore their journeys and find out why more Singaporeans are embracing the sustainable switch to solar energy.

Why Do We Want To GetSolar?

As a rooftop solar installation company, we definitely know a thing or two about why everyone in Singapore should consider going solar. But have you ever wondered why your fellow Singaporeans are keen on making the switch? Well, it’s a pretty common question, and the answers are as diverse as the people themselves. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different reasons why Singaporeans, including our valued customers, friends, and family, are choosing solar power. Join us as we dig into the various aspects of this fascinating shift!

Why Our Customers Chose Solar?

Going green can sometimes break the bank, but not with solar energy – it’s not just environmentally friendly, but also wallet-friendly! The beauty about solar energy is that it doesn’t just resonate with our eco-conscious values; it also stands out as a cleaner and more budget-friendly alternative to traditional electricity sources.

What makes our community of solar homeowners so special is their shared passion for nature and smart financial choices. Whether they’re hugging trees or hugging their wallets, solar power brings them all together.

So, why do our customers adore solar? Let’s hear it straight from them:

GetSolar To Protect Our Oceans! (David and Doyz)

Meet David, a passionate scuba diver since the 1990s, who developed a profound love for the ocean and its mesmerising reefs. Over the years, he witnessed the heartbreaking impact of climate change on marine ecosystems, leaving him feeling helpless. Driven by a strong desire to make a difference, he decided to take action and installed solar panels on his rooftop.

Today, David and Doyz are thrilled solar customers who opted for the 5-year rent-to-own plan, a choice that combines an initial payment with convenient monthly instalments. Whenever David checks his solar panel app, he takes a moment to track the number of trees he’s planted, symbolising his significant contribution to reducing his carbon footprint.

This is what David has to say to others who are on the fence of getting solar:

“All I ask is when people are doing their sums on affordability (of solar panels), consider as well how such an investment will help save Mother Nature.”

For more on David and Doyz’s solar journey, check out their full story below!

GetSolar To Keep The Colours of Our Gardens! (Chun Hong)

Meet Chun Hong, a homeowner with a genuine passion for gardening, showcasing his green thumb through an intricately designed garden. His nurturing care for his plants and fish embodies the spirit of a devoted nature enthusiast.

Chun Hong’s interest in solar panels was sparked by his deep love for Mother Nature and his sincere commitment to combatting climate change. His experience with solar installation has left him thoroughly content. Competitive quotes and attentive handling of his questions and concerns throughout the process ensured his utmost satisfaction.

Hear what Chun Hong had to say about his experience with GetSolar:

“It was a good, comforting experience to have Solar AI (now GetSolar) to walk through the journey with me”

Curious to know more about Chun Hong’s solar experience? Don’t miss our exclusive video interview with him! In the interview, he shares insights into his solar journey and how it’s making a difference for him:

GetSolar To Grow My Savings! (Julius)

Meet Julius, who, with a bit of experience in the solar industry, knew the practical benefits of solar power. So, without a second thought, he got his own rooftop solar panel system, decking out every inch of his roof with a total of 27 solar panels.

And guess what? Thanks to these panels, Julius has seen his monthly utility bill plummet by over S$180! Plus, he even pocketed an extra $130 by selling surplus solar energy back to SP Group.

His only regret? Not having installed more solar panels to maximise his savings and environmental impact.

“I would have considered increasing the solar inverter DC-AC ratio to generate more power. Given that my house’s electrical system has an AC limit and that solar panels are inexpensive these days, I might have done this to increase the energy generated while keeping within the AC limits”.

Thanks to solar, Julius has been seeing a reduction of more than $180 per month on his utility bill, most of it contributed by his negative electricity bills

Curious to learn more about Julius’ solar journey? Explore our blog by clicking the link below:

Why Do Singaporeans Want To Get Solar?

It’s not just our GetSolar customers – many fellow Singaporeans are also making the switch to solar! We’ve talked to a few of them, and here’s why they’re opting for solar energy:

“Get Solar to be part of the fight against the climate change.”

Manika, Software Engineer at Singapore General Hospital

“Get Solar energy for your homes and businesses today… for a brighter, cleaner and more affordable future.”

Pamela, Environmental Consultant @ Tingkats

“Get Solar because it’s the most affordable renewable energy source I can get!”

Zala, Venture Architect at ENGIE

“Get Solar so the world in the future will be a better place for our children.”

Zhi Wei, previous tech intern of Get Solar

“Get Solar to be part of the solution, not the problem.

Wenxin, nurse at KTPH

“Get Solar to 环保 (protect the environment)

Xiao Chang, strategy intern of GetSolar

“Get Solar to power my love for Coca-Cola

Jia Liang, marketing intern of GetSolar

Now’s Your Turn to GetSolar!

Feeling inspired after these stories? Imagine cutting down your electricity bills while making a positive impact on the environment. With Singapore’s Rent-to-Own solar offer, you not only save instantly but also enjoy hassle-free servicing and maintenance. It’s a win-win, helping both the planet and your wallet!

Curious about solar options in Singapore? Your journey starts with our detailed guide, leading you toward a greener future. Want to know the estimated cost? Try our online roof simulator! Click below to get started and embrace the power of solar energy!

At GetSolar, we are here to provide exceptional customer experiences, share inspiring stories, and offer reliable support as we work together to build a zero carbon future—one solar panel at a time.

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