The 5 Best Roof Designs Ideal for Your Home

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Landed homes in Singapore have transformed dramatically since the 1960s. One impactful feature that has changed the most are roofs. There are so many new designs now! Having trouble choosing the right roof design for you? Check out our best suggestions for each kind of homeowner.

Best for the Traditional Homeowner – Clay Tile

Traditional Clay Tile Roof
Source: Pexels

The ubiquitous clay tiled roof. There’s a reason clay has been used for roofs for hundreds of years. Clay is very durable, requires little maintenance and resists decay. Clay tiles offer strong resistance against weather elements like wind and rain because they’re heavy-weight. They also help to regulate indoor temperature. As a result, you’ll end up paying less for your energy bill to cool your home. Furthermore, clay is an eco-friendly, natural and recyclable material.

There’s a good chance you’ve already installed a clay tile roof. Or you can easily find an existing house with clay tiles in Singapore. But if you’re intending to build one yourself, expect high construction costs. Contractors must manually lay the heavy tiles, and you might need to pay for more structural support. In addition, individual clay tiles are prone to breakage from becoming brittle with age or falling tree branches. Water leakage issues may also be a problem if tiles shift out of position over time.  

Best for the Classic Homeowner – Shingled Gable Roof

Classic Gable Shingle Roof
Source: Unsplash

Ever drawn pictures of houses as a child? Chances are, you drew the gable roof. This classic triangular roof shape is compatible with many different architectural styles and materials. Due to its simplicity and ease of water runoff, this roof design is more affordable to build and maintain.

For a timeless, elegant look, slate shingles are considered a luxurious roofing choice. Slate is more expensive, but can last you up to 100 years. In contrast, asphalt, a common cheaper alternative, has one of the shortest lifespans of roof materials at 20-30 years. Similar to clay, slate shingles are waterproof, fire-resistant and insulating, resisting mold and temperature fluctuations. However, it is heavy and may require additional evaluation and structural support. Slate is a natural, sustainable material that comes in various colours to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Best for the Modern Homeowner – Flat Roof

Modern Flat Roof
Source: Unsplash

Many newly built landed houses feature a flat roof rather than a traditional pitched one. With clean lines instead of detailed ornamentation, flat roofs complement houses with large windows allowing natural lighting to enter the home. You might also choose a flat roof to repurpose them for a green roof or rooftop garden. Modern and minimalist, they are both space and cost-effective. 

Flat roofs are commonly made of metal, concrete or even glass. With less area for construction, material cost is lower. Installation is also cheaper with easier roof access and less risk involved. However, designers should ensure flat roofs are built with drainage considerations. For instance, flat roofs look horizontal but actually have a slight pitch of 1-10 degrees to allow for water drainage. There is a higher likelihood of ponding water, which makes maintenance more costly and shortens the lifespan of your roof. monitor them for flooding and water stagnation more frequently. 

Best for the Contemporary Homeowner – Sculptural Roof

Contemporary Sculptural Roof
Source: Decoist

This is for the homeowner who really wants to get creative with their home. Similar to flat roofs, sculptural roof designs can use a variety of modern materials. More contemporary designs tend to be asymmetrical, the facade embellished with geometric shapes and varying textures like wood and stone. With innovative new roofing technology, dramatic angles and even curved roofs are possible.

Expect to pay a lot more for the design and construction of these unconventional roofs. You’ll need a skilled architect to create your unique roof design. Make sure to engage experienced engineers and roofing contractors to construct your roof.

Best for the Eco-Conscious Homeowner – Metal Standing Seam Roof with Solar Panels

Solar panels can be installed on various types of roofs and come in many beautiful designs. But it is cheaper to install on, maintain and maximise your solar energy efficiency with some roof types.

Metal standing seams roofs are the best to install solar, with no drilling or penetration required to secure solar panels onto your roof. Clamps can secure solar panels to the raised seams easily and more affordably. Solar panels, once installed and generating electricity for your household, even solve some pain points metal roof owners may face. They greatly cool the house down and reduce the loud noise of rain hitting metal. 

Quality metal that lasts for 40-70 years and doesn’t rust with rainwater commands higher prices than other durable materials like clay. But they are also lightweight and require less structural work. Plus, metal roofs are recyclable and made from recycled material, and have a lower carbon footprint.

Get an Instant Solar Estimate for your Home Now!

If you’re looking to renovate your roof soon, why not take a potential switch to solar energy into consideration? The eco-friendly, heat-reflecting, long-lasting and affordable metal standing seam roof design is a great option. And there would be no better time to install solar than while you’re renovating your roof! Solar installers can use the existing scaffolding and incorporate the solar panel’s electricity cable into your home system more easily. So you might be able to negotiate for an even lower installation cost.

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Solar panels are not just for the eco-conscious homeowner. They’re a great cost-saving investment for any homeowner! Want to know how you can benefit from solar? Use our free instant solar assessment tool to get an estimate of the solar potential of your property and find out how much you can save with solar panels, completely obligation-free.

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