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The future of energy is solar

The cost of solar energy has fallen by 89% in the last 10 years and is now cheaper than traditional fossil fuels. This cost will only continue to fall as new technologies mature. The future of energy is solar, and the future is here.

Why switch to solar?

Harvest the power of the sun and let your roof pay for your electricity bills.

Attractive cost savings

Drastically reduce or even eliminate your electricity bills. Most solar owners see a 50% - 70% reduction in their monthly bills, while protecting themselves from rising energy costs.

A great investment

The average solar owner pays off their system in 6 to 8 years, while panels last for 20 to 30 years and continue to generate free electricity. A huge bonus while you also invest in our Earth's future.

Get started in seconds

Receive an instant cost estimate of installing solar and how much you can save simply by entering your property address and electricity bills in the solar assessment tool above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get quotes from Solar AI instead of approaching a solar installer directly?

The process of sourcing for solar quotations can be intimidating. At Solar AI, we want to ensure that going solar is as easy as possible for everyone. By using Solar AI, you will be able to enjoy all of the following benefits.

  • The best rates in the market: We serve as the sales engine for our solar partners, helping them to reduce costs and in turn have preferred rate arrangements with them to offer you the best prices. We often offer quotes to our clients that are lower than those sourced externally.
  • A hassle-free, effortless process to get solar: Our online solar assessment tool and quote request form allow you to get digital quotes directly from recommended solar installers completely remotely. We recommend the most suitable installers based on your needs, and allow you to effortlessly compare their offers.
  • A neutral advisor: We represent you and serve as an advisor to help you get the best solar deal. We are also here to answer questions that you may have about solar and frequently negotiate prices or terms with solar installers on your behalf.
How much does a solar panel installation cost in Singapore?

The cost of installation will vary based on several factors. The most important being the number of solar panels being installed. The cost of a solar installation in Singapore ranges from S$10,000 to S$50,000. That said, a good estimate will be S$20,000 as most residential solar panel systems are around 10 kWp (S$2,000/kWp). Besides the number of solar panels installed, roof material, orientation and complexity are other factors that can affect installation costs.

What is a solar panel system installation process like?

Before you begin, do ensure that you have conducted a site visit with your selected solar installer and agreed on a finalised solar design and installation contract.

The following are the steps involved in a solar panel installation in Singapore.

  1. If required, scaffolding will be set up to access your rooftop
  2. Solar panels and inverters will be delivered to your property, and you will need to provide safe storage for the equipment before installation works begin
  3. Mounting frames for the solar panels will first be placed on your roof. On metal roofs, these are usually attached directly without any penetration. For tiled roofs, roof tiles will be removed temporarily in order to secure the mounting frame before they are returned to their original location.
  4. Once the solar panels are fixed onto the mounting frames, the panels are then wired to a solar inverter
  5. The solar inverter is then connected to your property’s distribution board, which is also connected to a meter and to the electric grid
  6. Finally, solar installers will conduct testing and quality assurance, as well as handle any required paperwork for the solar panel system


In Singapore, proper licensing is also required to set up a solar panel installation, as well as,  registration with SP Services. Let us help you get in touch with qualified solar installers that will assist you with your solar panel installation.

Are there any grants for solar available in Singapore?

Unfortunately, there are currently no grants for the purchase of solar in Singapore. However, the cost of solar energy has fallen drastically and is now more affordable than ever. Several schemes are also available for you to make a profit from your solar panel setup and offset initial expenditure.

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