6 Top Solar PPA Developers in Singapore

Solar developers, also called project developers or IPPs, are responsible for all aspects of a solar project from sourcing and development of the project to financing, designing and in some cases, construction. A developer is permitted to employ qualified individuals such as engineers and installation crews to help with the design and installation process.
top solar developers singapore

Solar developers, also referred to as project developers or Independent Power Producers (IPP), are solar companies who finance, own and operate a solar project through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) model. These companies often partner with solar installers or Engineering, Procurement and Construction companies (EPCs) to install a solar project. They may also have their internal EPC arm to conduct installation and construction work.

Note: If you’re a landed homeowner or are planning to purchase your solar system upfront, take a look at our list of the top solar installers in Singapore instead.

PPAs for smaller commercial properties

Unfortunately, solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in Singapore are often only applicable for larger properties with available roof space of above 2,000 sqm (or a solar potential of >500 kWp), and remaining lease term of at least 20 years. Here at Solar AI Technologies we’re committed to making it as simple as possible for all property owners to get solar.

Solar AI Technologies is now partnering with ENGIE Group, one of the world’s largest renewable energy companies, to bring zero upfront cost solar offers to all SMEs and business owners regardless of roof size, with contract terms as short as 5 years.

Get started with our instant solar assessment tool or click here to reach out to us on Whatsapp for a discussion.

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top solar developers in Singapore, listed in no particular order.

1) Solar AI Technologies

Solar AI‘s mission is to make it as simple as possible for property owners to get solar. They’re the first (and only) in Singapore to offer zero upfront cost solar for all property owners regardless of size, even for commercial systems as small as 10kWp.

You can get started with a digital quote request using their online solar assessment tool and find out how much you can save. In 2022 alone, the company has completed >100 solar installations, reducing >25,000 tons of carbon emissions.

You can also talk to their in-house advisors on Whatsapp at +65 8779 6122, who are trusted to help you compare between different solar proposals to find the most suitable one for you. See their past projects and customer testimonials here.

Contact: +65 3138 6134 / +65 8779 6122
Email: quotes@getsolar.ai
Address: 108 Pasir Panjang Road #01-02 Golden Agri Plaza, Singapore 118535 

top solar developers singapore engie

2) Engie

Engie South East Asia, comprising more than 2,000 employees across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, is one of the global leaders specialised in the utilisation of solar technology to develop energy and smart solutions for customers worldwide. Following a strict value chain consisting of strategy, design and financing, Engie provides specially designed turnkey clean energy solutions, Green Energy as-a-service, to help customers meet their energy goals.

In Southeast Asia, Engie has created an incredible green energy footprint with over 100 MWp of solar PV solutions completed and currently under construction. In Singapore, Engie has deployed at least 24.5 MWp of solar PV solutions from designing and constructing rooftop solar installations for clients including a university and government agencies. 

Helping their customers to enjoy long term green benefits, they also have digital solutions to drive businesses in maximising their strategic energy priorities through combining renewable energy with digital technology. These digital solutions allow customers to reduce their carbon footprint, decentralise their energy generation and increase energy efficiency. Some projects that deserve honourable mentions include one of Singapore’s biggest hospitals, KK Hospital and 2 international terminals in Singapore’s Changi Airport.

Contact: +65 6513 8288
Email: enquiry.seasg@engie.com 
Address: 108 Pasir Panjang Road #05-04 Golden Agri Plaza Singapore 118535 

top solar developers singapore lys energy group

3) LYS Energy Group

LYS Energy Group prides itself on excellent customer service and experience while providing top quality clean energy solutions to help their customers reach their energy goals. Their PV systems are built off the newest technology to ensure no-hassle turnkey solutions, and aids businesses in reducing their energy costs to further value-add their business. As of today, LYS Energy has installed more than 50 MWp of solar PV systems in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and more. 

LYS holds a strong portfolio across several industries such as Aerospace, Manufacturing and Engineering as well as Pharmaceutical. Some key projects include Singapore’s National Stadium with a 707 kWp system installed and an aerospace facility in Seletar with a 3.1 MWp system and an annual carbon reduction of 1,557 tons. 

Contact: +65 6610 4534
Email: contact@lysenergy.com
Address: 232A South Bridge Road Singapore 058781

top solar developers singapore sembcorp

4) Sembcorp Singapore 

Sembcorp Singapore, one of the leaders in the energy and urban industry, aims to develop advanced energy solutions that provide value and sustainable development for the people. Following a value creation process, they have successfully minimised carbon emissions of more than 3.9 million tons through clean energy generation and generated more than 12,600 MW of power, supplying electricity to 9 countries. Sembcorp has an energy portfolio of 2,600 MWp of wind and solar projects across Singapore, India and China.

In Nov 2020, Sembcorp joined forces with CapitaLand and SP Group in a pilot to further boost the sustainability of data centres by utilising integrated energy solutions. Integrated energy solutions provided will consist of a mix between solar PV, green hydrogen and energy storage, together with advanced smart solar technologies to boost energy efficiency and performance. 

Besides being one of the main installers for the floating solar PV system on Tengah Reservoir, they have previously also signed Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with Singapore Airlines (SIA) and SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC) to fully install and operate solar PV panels on their rooftops. In Singapore, it is the largest solar energy project in the aviation sector with 8.2 MWp of solar PV capacity. 

Contact: +65 6723 3113
Email: utilities@sembcorp.com
Address: 30 Hill Street #05-04 Singapore 179360

top solar developers singapore sunseap

5) Sunseap

Sunseap, a leading solar developer providing clean energy solutions in Singapore, holds an extensive portfolio of solar projects close to 2 GWp across Southeast Asia, Singapore and the Pacific region. As one of the largest clean solutions providers, they specialise in providing zero-cost solar installations through solar PPAs, curating energy efficiency solutions and more. Sunseap handles the projects from start to finish while helping customers manage finances, installation and maintenance of their solar systems. 

As of today, Sunseap has undertaken a plethora of solar projects, such as a rooftop solar system project for Ng Teng Fong Hospital, being the first to propose a solar energy solution in the healthcare industry in Singapore. They have also broken records by successfully completing a 9.5 MWp solar installation at Jurong Port, the world’s largest port-based solar energy generation facility. 

Other notable projects: Woodlands Waterfront offshore floating PV system, Panasonic, Singapore American School, Punggol Eco-town, Fuisland Offset Printing, SMRT Bishan Depot and more. 

Contact: +65 6255 5623
Email: customercare@sunseap.com
Address: Harbourside 2, 2 Boon Leat Terrace #03-04, #04-03/04 Singapore 119844

top solar developers singapore total solar

6) Total Solar

While operating in Singapore since 1982, Total Solar, a French energy giant opened its Asia Pacific HQ in Singapore in 2019. Ever since it has been focusing on building its renewable energy business in Asia and is one of the leading solar service providers for commercial and industrial (C&I) sectors. Total also owns Saft, an advanced-technology battery solutions company for the energy sector. 

Total has deployed a 1.2 MWp system size on Total Lubricant’s blending plant in Tuas, aiming to utilise solar power to fulfil 35% of its energy needs. Another noteworthy project is a 543 kWp installation in Singapore’s biggest automobile hub, Carros.

Total’s Singapore solar team is highly focused on providing fully integrated no-CAPEX solar solutions for C&I customers in Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia. This allows property owners to benefit immediately from their first electricity bill without worrying about their finances and the performance of their solar system, with maintenance also done by Total.

Contact: +65 6879 2200
Email: lorenzo.mancini@total.com 
Address: 182 Cecil Street, #27-01 Frasers Tower, Singapore 069547

This article was first published on 9 December 2020 and last updated on 15 February 2023 to include latest information.

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Solar AI Technologies
Solar AI Technologies
At Solar AI, we combine geospatial data and artificial intelligence to provide home and property owners with the tools and knowledge to get solar as easily as possible. Our mission is to use technology to simplify the solar experience for everyone.
Solar AI Technologies
Solar AI Technologies
At Solar AI, we combine geospatial data and artificial intelligence to provide home and property owners with the tools and knowledge to get solar as easily as possible. Our mission is to use technology to simplify the solar experience for everyone.
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