Top 10 Solar Installers in Singapore

As solar is gaining traction in Singapore, finding the right solar installer for your roof is crucial in ensuring that the entire installation goes smoothly and hassle-free. Considering that each installer offers different packages and solar solutions, it is important to compare and decide which installer is best suited for you.
Top 10 Solar Installers singapore

Solar Installers (EPCs) in Singapore

If you’re looking to reduce your electricity bills, you might be interested in switching to using solar panels for your energy needs. Besides the environmental benefits of solar, there are endless benefits that it brings to your household too! 

Before you can officially switch to solar, there are several key steps for you to carry out such as checking your roof suitability and choosing the type of solar panel. However, this might be time-consuming or confusing to do all by yourself. Hence, engaging a solar installer in Singapore will ease the entire process as they are professionals in the various aspects. 

So, if you think you want to find out more about installing solar, we’ve got your back! We have specially curated a list of top rated solar energy companies in Singapore, across both residential solar and commercial solar, that are trusted and offer quality solar-related professional services. Let’s take a look below.

Psst… are you considering solar options for your home or property in Singapore, and feeling a bit confused as to which solar installer will be able to provide you with the best deals? You can use our instant solar assessment tool to get an estimate of the solar potential of your property and how much it might cost you. We know that the journey to getting solar can be complex and confusing at times. With a trusted network of nearly 15 solar companies across Singapore, our team is also able to get you a digital quote comparison from installers in Singapore, completely for free. Try out our solar assessment tool, and get connected with reputable installers in Singapore.

pmce logo


PMCE is a Singapore-owned and operated solar installer with a strong track record and specialisation in residential solar systems, having close to 150 clients in Singapore. PMCE also provides operations and maintenance services for 25 years following the installation of projects, as well as covers a 2 year Defects Liability Period on solar installations.

With a 5 star review on Google, PMCE’s mission is to procure projects at highly competitive prices providing customers with an attractive return of investment and deliver quality performance on time.

Contact: +65 6264 0449, +65 9181 5503
Email: sales@pmce.sg
Website: https://pmce.sg
Address: 21 Woodlands Close, #02-10 Primz Bizhub Singapore 737854
Types of Services: Residential

cutech group logo

Cutech Group

Founded in Singapore, Malaysia and India, Cutech Group is an emerging renewable energy installer specialising in solar PV systems and prides itself on low costs and having high returns on investment. Boosting a compelling track record in the industry, they have partnered with investors, developers and building owners who hold the same ambition of owning profitable and trusty solar PV systems for the long run. 

Honing their skills over the years, Cutech’s in-house team has installed over 50,000 solar panels at more than 100 project locations across Singapore, Malaysia and India. The total PV capacity for their completed projects has exceeded 16MWp as of today.

Contact: +65 6665 0187
Email: enquiry@cutechgroup.com
Website: http://www.cutechgreenventures.com
Address: Pioneer Junction, 3 Soon Lee Street #03-18 Singapore 627606
Types of Services: Residential and Commercial

eigen energy logo

Eigen Energy

Eigen Energy, renowned for their deep experience in solar energy systems, has successfully installed over 100,000 solar panels in Singapore. Ensuring that their systems are of top quality, Eigen Energy aims to deliver high energy generation, fulfilling the needs of each and every customer. The entire installation process is done by their in-house team, which includes system testing and commissioning by Singapore Power. Installation comes with a 25 year warranty for performance and workmanship of solar panels, a 2 year system warranty and a free annual preventive maintenance. 

Eigen Energy has completed more than 60 residential solar installations over the past 3 years. Past commercial projects include: DBS Bank Singapore, IKEA Singapore, Shell, United World College SEA and more.

Contact: +65 6589 8601
Email: info@eigen.sg / residential@eigen.sg / commercial@eigen.sg
Website: http://www.eigen.sg/
Address: 100G Pasir Panjang Road #05-07 Singapore 118523
Types of Services: Residential and Commercial

sene logo


SENE is a locally grown, Singapore based renewable energy solutions provider with more than 10 years of experience in providing renewable energy solutions across Singapore and Southeast Asia. Founded with a mission to provide affordable alternative electricity and top customer service to clients, the company aims to promote a healthier and greener environment by optimising renewable energy.

SENE has completed grid tied, off grid and hybrid PV systems as well as wind turbines in more than 150 locations in Singapore and the region. As an ISO, BCA and Bizsafe Star registered company, SENE brings together the highest quality standards and satisfaction for their customers.

Contact: +65 6592 4863
Email: info@sene.sg
Website: https://sene.sg/
Address: 65 Ubi Road 1, Oxley Bizhub #03-90 Singapore 408729
Types of Services: Residential and Commercial

10 Degree Solar

10 Degree Solar is a team of renewable energy professionals who are committed to changing lives for the better, where everyone can benefit from solar energy. 10 Degree Solar partners up with reputable electrical contractor, JJ&K Engineering Pte Ltd to ensure quality installations in Singapore and provides a 2 year Defects Liability Period from the commissioning date of the solar installation, as well as a free visit maintenance package to customers.

Outside of rooftop solar offerings, 10 Degree Solar also provides other energy solutions such as electric vehicle charging, energy storage solutions and smart energy for energy savings management.

Contact: +65 9674 3974
Email: furqan@10degreesolar.com
Website: https://www.10degreesolar.com/
Address: 56 Sembawang Road #01-07, Hong Heng Mansion Singapore 779086
Types of Services: Residential

sunpro energies logo

Sunpro Energies

SunPro Energies comprise of highly driven and experienced professionals, with a common goal of curating quality and cost-friendly solar solutions. With incredible accomplishments in residential, commercial, schools and government projects, they are a reliable and capable installer that can easily guide their customers through the entire process, from design to installation and even post-installation maintenance. 

SunPro Homes is the arm of SunPro Energies focused on residential solar installations. Besides the regular solar PV system, they also have expertise in installing solar canopies for your home. Utilising new solar technology, they have integrated form and function to create solar canopy shelters. With the solar canopy, you can wind down and chill at your balcony all while energy is being generated. 

Contact: +65 6612 5673
Email: info@sunproenergies.com
Website: http://www.sunproenergies.com
Address: Blk 18 Boon Lay Way, Tradehub 21 #02-109 Singapore 609966
Types of Services: Residential, Commercial, Government

Rezeca Renewables

Rezeca Renewables is a pioneering Singapore based company focused on renewable power and energy efficiency. Established since 2009, Rezeca develops and delivers viable and proven renewable energy solutions for the long-term benefit of their clients and the environment. Rezeca has established itself as a leading provider of grid-tied solar systems in Singapore and Thailand.

As one of the pioneers and market leaders in the residential solar market, Rezeca has developed over 230 solar projects since 2013. The team is comprised of dedicated professionals with background in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and banking and finance.

Contact: +65 6339 3982
Email: enquiry@rezeca.com
Website: https://www.rezeca.com/
Address: 37 Jalan Pemimpin #06-11 Singapore 577177
Types of Services: Residential, Commercial

solar era logo

Solar Era

With an award-winning team, Solar Era is a locally-based solar company focusing on delivering smart energy solutions for residential and commercial projects. Offering a hassle-free installation process, their energy solutions are specially designed to meet the needs of their customers after analysing their energy budget. 

Determined to provide the best solar energy solution to their customers, Solar Era provides maintenance services, warranty and performance checks on their solar PV systems after installation. They do provide these services for systems installed by other installers too! 

Experienced in both residential and commercial installations, Solar Era will curate a package specifically for every rooftop after detailed analysis of the roof. ​They have partnered with governmental organisations and recognised businesses on projects, with the common goal of working towards a cleaner and greener environment.

Contact: +65 6402 7060
Email: info@thesolarera.com
Website: https://www.thesolarera.com
Address: 50 Chin Swee Road #09-04 Thong Chai Building Singapore 169874
Types of Services: Residential and Commercial

energetix logo


Established in Singapore, Energetix is a renewable energy installer, known to design and build solar PV systems that are reliable and long-lasting across Singapore and Southeast Asia. Energetix is focused on offering renewable energy solutions that optimise performance and bring attractive returns for their customers. 

The Energetix team is equipped with a plethora of essential skills that will ensure anexcellent service catered to each and every customer. Having been a part of more than 200MWp of solar PV projects, they are well experienced in every aspect of solar installation.

One of their largest solar projects is the 4.11MWp Katoen Natie rooftop solar facility in Singapore, generating energy for more than 2,000 households. With more than 25 commercial and industrial projects and over 15 residential installations completed, they are certainly professionals in both small and large scale solar installations. In one of their commercial projects, Agility 1,005kWp, they have also installed over 2,000 panels in just 8 weeks!

Contact: +65 6394 9349
Email: info@energetix.sg
Website: https://www.energetix.sg
Address: 19 Kallang Avenue #01-157 Singapore 339410
Types of Services: Residential and Commercial

solargy logo


SolarGy is equipped with a skilled team of professionals, with more than 20 years of experience in electrical installation and construction. Using their expertise in architecture and engineering, they strive to design solar energy solutions that are innovative and effective in hopes to convert more individuals into using solar energy for their energy needs. Strongly believing that their customers are entitled to the best solar panels in terms of quality and performance, SolarGy’s solar panels are top tier German and Chinese panels. They conduct quality control checks and performance testing on the panels regularly to ensure the panels provided to their customers are the best that they have. 

SolarGy owns an incredible portfolio of completed projects, including Jewel Changi Airport, the National Art Gallery and the floating PV test bed at Tengah Reservoir. They are also experts in residential installations, with over 80 solar installations done with projects at Interlace Condo, several HDBs and landed houses.

Contact: +65 6570 9001
Email: info@solargy.com.sg
Website: http://solargy.com.sg
Address: 20 Sin Ming Lane Midview City #04-65 Singapore 573968
Types of Services: Residential and Commercial

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