Solar Energy: A Green Power Source

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When sunlight and heat are used with a variety of technological developments, it produces radiant energy from the sun, and this is commonly known as solar energy.

Today, 95% of power from imported natural gas is produced in Singapore. That’s one of the cleanest fossil fuels — burning natural gas generates one-half of carbon coal. The use of solar energy is no longer a rarity in Singapore. Many have started to install solar panels on their homes, and in businesses, like hotels and restaurants. More and more households have turned to clean, renewable electricity sources as the cost of renewable energy have declined.

The Environmental Benefit of Solar Energy

Aside from the financial benefits of renewable energy, homes and businesses are making a switch because of its environmental benefits. Solar panels generate clean, renewable, and emission-free electricity.

While most electricity in the world is produced by the combustion of fossil fuels such as coal and gas, solar power generation and other renewable energy sources — such as wind and hydroelectricity — do not produce carbon dioxide emissions or air pollutants.

While mining and utilising fossil fuels is expensive and environmentally hazardous, solar is free and abundant. Believe it or not, we could power the whole planet in one year if we could catch all the energy that the sun radiates on earth for just one hour!

Local Air Quality Gets Better with Solar Energy

One of the key benefits of solar energy is that it produces fewer pollutants in the air. Many studies have found a significant reduction in nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide, and particulate matter emissions, all of which are harmful to human health. Solar energy leads to reduced occurrences of chronic bronchitis, respiratory or cardiovascular disorders.

Solar Energy Reduces Emissions of Greenhouse Gases

Using solar energy instead of fossil fuels to generate electricity can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the most significant greenhouse gas emitted in Singapore. Mainly because of the combustion of fossil fuels to generate energy which is used in different industries, like manufacturing and transportation.

Greenhouse gases contribute to global warming and to climate change, causing serious problems in public and environmental health across the country and around the world, including wildfires in the west and storms in the east.

You can reduce the demand for fossil fuels, limit greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce your own carbon footprint by going solar. In fact, even one home that installs a solar energy system has a measurable impact on the environment.

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