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Rent-to-Own Solar or Solar Subscription — You may have noticed these terms gaining popularity alongside the recent uproar in solar energy adoption. As GetSolar gears up to expand into Malaysia, we’ve prepared an in-depth guide to help you understand this game-changing solar financing model. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover what a Rent-To-Own Solar Subscription is, how it benefits you, and why it might be the smartest way to bring sustainable energy to your doorstep

How Solar Is Traditionally Sold In Malaysia

Solar panel systems in Malaysia are traditionally sold through upfront payment models, and customers are often required to pay a large sum of anywhere between 20,000 RM to 50,000 RM.

The Problem With Solar

While upfront purchase may seem advantageous for long-term savings, the high initial investment required poses a significant financial barrier. This not only drives away many potential solar owners but also introduces uncertainty regarding the breakeven period. 

Homeowners often question whether the promised savings will materialise, or if unforeseen circumstances such as damages to their roof could disrupt their investment. These concerns ultimately slow down the adoption of solar energy across the region. 

So, what’s the solution?

Introducing GetSolar’s Rent-To-Own Solar Subscription

Yup! You heard it — our Rent-To-Own (RTO) Solar Subscription financing model will arrive in sunny Malaysia very soon. The RTO model offers an affordable solar solution, ridding the problem of high upfront costs with its zero upfront payment and complimentary all-inclusive coverage including repairs and maintenance

If you’re unfamiliar with the RTO Solar Subscription model, here’s a brief explanation: It’s a financing method for acquiring solar panel systems. Instead of purchasing the system outright, you make fixed monthly payments, typically lower than your electricity bill. Once your contract ends, full ownership of the solar system transfers to you!

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What’s The Difference Between Solar Subscription And Rent-To-Own Solar?

Although they may sound different, Solar Subscription and Rent-To-Own solar essentially refer to the same concept. 

Both terms describe a financing arrangement where you can install a solar panel system with no upfront costs, make fixed payments over a set period, and ultimately own the system at the end of the contract.

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The Benefits Of Rent-To-Own Solar Subscription

Elimination Of Upfront Costs

The main attraction of our Rent-To-Own Solar Subscription model is the elimination of upfront expenses. By eliminating upfront costs, the risk of a substantial investment in a system that might fail prematurely is significantly mitigated.

Instant Savings On Electricity Bills

In most cases, monthly payments under Rent-To-Own Solar Subscription plans are approximately 30% cheaper than typical monthly electricity bills, providing instant savings. 

This makes the financing model an attractive option for those looking to transition to renewable energy without the high upfront cost, which traditionally could take up to 6-8 years to break even. 

Read our article on Understanding Electricity Prices in Malaysia & How To Save Bills!

No Maintenance Cost

Another great perk of our RTO Solar Subscription plan is the elimination of out-of-pocket costs for repairs and upkeep. This ensures that additional maintenance costs don’t offset your solar savings, providing you a worry-free experience!

But Is Solar Panel Maintenance Really Important?

Yes, absolutely! Never underestimate the importance of solar panel maintenance. Regular care is essential to maintain peak efficiency and extend the lifespan of your solar system.

Solar panels that are not properly maintained can accumulate dust and debris, potentially reducing their efficiency by 20-50%. With our Rent-To-Own plan, you are protected from the maintenance costs typically associated with solar panels, ensuring your system operates optimally without any additional expense.

Investment Diversification

As the Rent-To-Own plan allows you to avoid the large initial sum payment, you’re giving your wallet a chance to explore alternative investment opportunities

For instance, choosing GetSolar’s RTO plan at 350 RM per month instead of an upfront payment of 30,000 RM allows you to allocate and diversify your finances more effectively.

Concluding GetSolar’s Rent-To-Own Solar Subscription Plan

In conclusion, GetSolar’s Rent-To-Own Solar Subscription offers a practical and financially savvy solution for homeowners in Malaysia looking to embrace solar energy. 

With no upfront costs, lower monthly bills, and the peace of mind that comes from expert maintenance, this model is designed to make sustainable living accessible and worry-free.

As you consider the future of your home energy needs, remember that investing in solar through our Rent-To-Own plan not only benefits your wallet but also the environment. Join us in leading the charge towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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