EV Charging Stations in Singapore: Top 9 Providers and Their Locations

EV Charging Stations Singapore
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With the government’s ambitious goals to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, Singapore is experiencing a surge in electric vehicle (EV) adoption. Undoubtedly, the demand for EV charging stations in Singapore is also rapidly increasing.

Join us on an electrifying adventure as we dive deep into the world of EVs and their trusty sidekicks, the EV charging stations, right here in Singapore.

9 Major Providers of EV Charging Stations in Singapore

According to a Straits Times article, more than 2,400 charging points have been installed at about 700 Housing Board residential car parks across all 26 towns to date. As at the end of December 2023, there were nearly 6,000 charging points in public and private spaces islandwide.

Provider No. of Stations Cost per Kilowatt-hour (kWh)
Tesla 11 charging locations Estimated $37.44 for a full charge
BYD 122 with 11 charging locations around the island 40 kW and 80 kW AC chargers: S$0.55/kWh
SP Group 1000+ with 300+ charging locations around the island AC: S$0.600/kWh
DC: S$0.698/kWh
Shell Recharge 22+ Fast charging price ranges from S$0.42 to S$0.55/kWh

Slow charging price ranges from $2 to $3/kWh
Charge+ 1000+ AC 22kW: S$0.5238/kWh 
DC 120kW: S$0.5545/kWh

Some private stations require a monthly subscription fee.
Bluecharge (by TotalEnergies) 1500+ First 3 hours: S$1 per hour
Subsequent hours: S$2 per hour

Get 5% off their charging rate if you sign up as a member – $60 annual membership fee applies.
Keppel Volt 89+ AC 22kW: S$0.5700/kWh 
DC 30kW: S$0.6000/kWh 
DC 120kW: S$0.6300kWh
CDC Engie 500+ AC 22kW: S$0.56/kWh
DC 100/120kW: S$0.59/kWh
MeComb 16 $0.45/kWh

1. Tesla



Image credit: The Straits Times

Tesla’s Supercharger network is revolutionising the way Tesla owners travel. In just 15 minutes, these powerful charging stations can boost Tesla vehicles’ range by up to 270 kilometres, providing a more convenient and cost-effective alternative to petrol. 

Strategically located at popular areas like Causeway Point, Century Square, and City Square Mall, finding a Tesla Supercharger is as easy as a trip to your local shopping mall. 

This accessibility ensures that Tesla drivers can enjoy smoother travels without the usual hassle of petrol stops or high costs associated with petrol fueling.

Website: https://www.tesla.com/en_sg/supercharger 
Number of EV charging stations: 11 locations islandwide
Prices: Estimated $37.44 for a full charge

2. BYD



Image credit: BYD

BYD stands tall in the electric vehicle market, setting high standards with its innovative approach. The AC Charging Adapter (40kWh & 80kWh), provided by the company allows a diverse option of charging needs.

BYD charging stations are easily accessible, being placed across Singapore. Whether you’re near the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal or along Upper Bukit Timah Road, you’re never too far from a charge. 

This network ensures that BYD vehicle owners enjoy extensive coverage and convenience, making electric vehicle ownership both practical and appealing.

Website: https://sg.byd.com/services/ 
Number of EV charging stations: 122

– 40 kW and 80 kW AC chargers: S$0.55/kWh
– Typical full charge will amount to S$39.44.

3. SP Group

SP Group - EV Charging Stations Singapore


Image credit: Today Online

SP Group is at the forefront of developing Singapore’s largest public electric vehicle (EV) charging network, purposefully prioritising accessibility and reliability.

Enhancing convenience for EV users, SP Group’s EV charging stations are installed in various commercial settings including offices, warehouses, and shopping malls. Notable locations include Zhongshan Mall, i12 Katong, Galaxis, and Techplace I. 

This widespread availability helps ensure that EV drivers can easily find charging options even in commercial and industrial areas.

Website: https://www.spmobility.sg/ 
Number of EV charging stations: 1000+

– AC charging: S$0.600/kWh
– DC charging: S$0.698/kWh

4. Shell

Shell Recharge - EV Charging Stations Singapore


Image credit: Shell Global

Shell Recharge stations have also been spotted amongst the competition with its three charging stations located in Tampines, Pasir Ris, and Lakeview. 

Shell is dictating the pace by offering the fastest EV charging speeds found at any charging station across Singapore. 

These stations not only provide up to 180kW of charging power but also prioritise sustainability. They utilise electricity sourced entirely from 100% certified renewable resources, including solar panels installed on their rooftops

This combination of speed and eco-friendliness ensures a game-changing experience for EV drivers.


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Website: https://www.shell.com.sg/motorists/shell-recharge-for-ev.html
Number of EV charging stations: 22

– Fast charging: from $0.42 to $0.55/kWh
– Slow charging: from $2 to $3/kWh

5. Charge+



Image credit: The Straits Times

Charge+ is actively expanding its footprint in Singapore’s EV charging landscape, managing over 1,000 charging stations with a target to hit 6,000 by 2025. 

Their installations are not just limited to typical locations; HDB car parks, condominiums, shopping centres, as well as corporate venues. 

This broad distribution helps ensure that EV charging is convenient and accessible in various urban settings.

Website: https://www.chargeplus.com/ 
Number of EV charging stations: 1000+

– AC 22kW: S$0.5238/kWh 
– DC 120kW: S$0.5545/kWh 

6. Bluecharge (by TotalEnergies)

TotalEnergies - EV Charging Stations Singapore


Image credit: TotalEnergies

With a network of 1,500 charging stations thoughtfully distributed across shopping malls, residential neighbourhoods, and business districts, Bluecharge by TotalEnergies ensures that EV drivers have easy access to charging facilities throughout Singapore. 

This strategic placement of EV charging stations supports the growing need for convenient and accessible EV infrastructure.

Website: https://chargingservices.totalenergies.sg/en/home 
Number of EV charging stations: 1500+

– First 3 hours: $1 per hour
– Subsequent hours: $2 per hour
– Get 5% off their charging rate if you sign up as a member – $60 annual membership fee applies.

7. Volt

Keppel Volt - EV Charging Stations Singapore


Image credit: Keppel Volt

Volt, a joint venture between Keppel and Wanbang Digital Energy — one of China’s leading EV charging point suppliers and operators, has already established 89 charging stations across Singapore. 

With plans to expand to locations like to various hotels and shopping centres such as Sembawang Shopping Centre, Volt is making a significant impact on the EV scene. 

Their growing presence across Singapore ensures that drivers can easily charge their vehicles without any hassle, supporting a smoother shift to eco-friendly transportation options.

Website: https://www.keppelvolt.com/volt-charging-network/ 
Number of EV charging stations: 89 (more coming soon!)

– AC 22kW: S$0.5700/kWh
– DC 30kW: S$0.6000/kWh 
– DC 120kW: S$0.6300kWh

8. CDG Engie

CDC Engie - EV Charging Stations Singapore


Image credit: CDC Engie

ComfortDelGro and Engie have collaborated to create a large network of over 500 EV charging stations throughout Singapore, with locations including West Coast Park, and even school campuses. 

With the wide array of venues provided by CDG x Engie’s charging stations, switching to EV’s becomes a significantly viable option.

Website: https://www.cdge.com.sg/personal/ev-charging/ 
Number of EV charging stations: 500+

– AC 22kW: S$0.56/kWh
– DC 100kW: S$0.59/kWh
– DC 120kW: S$0.59/kWh

9. MeComb

MeComb - EV Charging Stations Singapore


Image credit: MeComb

If you’ve stopped by IKEA Tampines or Alexandra, you might have spotted the EV charging stations there; these are managed by MeComb!

Unlike the typical 24-hour stations, these chargers operate from 10 am to 10 pm. This scheduling aligns perfectly with a day out shopping or dining at IKEA, allowing you to conveniently power up your vehicle while you enjoy your visit.

Website: https://www.mecomb.com/ 
Number of EV charging stations: 16
Prices: S$0.45/kWh

EV Charging Stations in Singapore: How to Find Them

Locate your nearest EV charging station with Plugshare

While Plugshare is not a charging provider, it can be your go-to hub for all things EV in Singapore! 

Parking fees, charging rates and charger types, they’ve got you covered with all the info you need. Plugshare also keeps you in the loop with notifications about new charging spots nearby. 

Frequently Asked Questions about EV Charging Stations in Singapore

Is EV charging free in Singapore?

Most public EV charging stations operate on a paid basis. Users can opt to pay per charging session or subscribe to a plan, depending on the provider’s offerings. 

However, Volt is now offering an exclusive perk for its members: Free EV charging. This initiative is available at the selected locations listed below.

Location Period Time
Keppel Bay Tower Monday to Friday, till further notice 8am – 10.45am
Ocean Financial Centre Monday to Friday, till further notice 8am – 10.45am

Can I charge my EV at home? 

Yes! Charging your EV at home is the most convenient and economical method to keep your vehicle ready to go. You’ll need to have a compatible EV charging station installed at your home, which should be carried out by a qualified electrician to ensure safety and functionality. 

For detailed information on where to find the right installer, check out our guide on the top 10 EV charger installers in Singapore.

Beyond EV Charging: Empowering Singapore’s Green Future

As Singapore continues its journey towards a greener future, the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and the establishment of charging stations represent important milestones in the transition to sustainable transportation. 

Yet, the path to sustainability extends beyond the charging stations themselves. Integrating renewable energy sources such as solar power, as provided by GetSolar, presents an opportunity for you to contribute directly to the reduction of Singapore’s carbon footprint. 

By adopting solar panels for home, you can not only embrace clean energy but also actively participate in shaping a truly eco-friendly transportation ecosystem for generations to come.

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