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What Are Solar Inverters?

Commercial buildings are among some of the most significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. By embracing solar energy, you can transition away from conventional energy sources that harm the environment and play a part in saving the earth.

How it Works

How Do Solar Inverters

Solar panel inverters are like the magicians of your solar system, making everything happen behind the scenes. Besides their primary role of converting DC to AC, here’s what else they can do:

Make your roof an energy asset

Inverters have built-in systems that keep an eye on your solar panels’ performance. They show you how much energy your panels are making in real-time, helping you make smart choices about energy use.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

When the sun moves across the sky or clouds pass by, the amount of sunlight your panels receive can change.  However, with MPPT technology in action, your solar panels automatically adjust to capture the maximum available sunlight. This keeps your system running at maximum efficiency, giving you the best energy savings possible.

Safety features

Inverters come with safety features to protect your solar system at home. In the event of a power outage or an electrical issue, the inverter can shut down to ensure the safety of the solar system


Types of Solar Panel Inverters

You’ll find a variety of solar panel inverters on the market, each with its own distinct characteristics: 

Grid-tied inverters

Use our solar simulator to to estimate the number of solar panels required for your property, along with the associated costs.

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Grid-tied inverters

Use our solar simulator to to estimate the number of solar panels required for your property, along with the associated costs.

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Solar Inverter Installation

Indoor vs Outdoor Placement

Deciding where to place your solar inverter is a big deal! While it can be located either indoors or outdoors, it’s essential to ensure a solid Wi-Fi connection to keep an eye on your system. But don’t worry, our friendly solar experts will swing by and find the perfect spot for you!
Indoor placement Outdoor placements
Weather resistance Shaded from bad weather, which can improve efficiency and prolong lifespan. Need some extra shielding to fend off the sun, rain, and extreme temperatures.
Cooling and ventilation Relies on built-in fans to prevent overheating; these fans create a humming sound, which may be noisy or disruptive to some folks. May have better natural cooling since it’s out in the open (which allows heat to escape more easily).
Maintenance and repairs Easier access for routine maintenance and repairs. May be more challenging due to exposure to outdoor conditions.
Why Us

Why Choose GetSolar?


Leader in the shift to clean energy

We believe that solar energy is the best solution for property owners to transition to a zero-carbon future.

That’s why we are leading the charge right here in our region with our Rent-To-Own programme. Our team of dedicated professionals takes care of all paperwork, permits, and inspections, saving you time and ensuring a smooth transition to solar energy.


Comprehensive end-to-end service

GetSolar is your all-in-one solar solution. From the very first consultation to expert installation, we handle every aspect of the process. 

Furthermore, our commitment does not stop at the installation; we provide ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and support, guaranteeing that your solar system consistently performs at its best.


Dedication to transparency

At GetSolar, we’re passionate about empowering our clients through education. 

We’re committed to transparency and take the time to explain every aspect of your solar journey, including the technical details and financial benefits. We aim to build trust and equip you to make informed energy decisions.

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Frequently asked questions

An inverter for solar panels is essential because solar panels produce direct current (DC) electricity, while your home’s appliances and electrical systems run on alternating current (AC). 

Think of the inverter as a translator, seamlessly converting the DC power from your panels into the AC power that powers your lights and devices. It’s like having a cool middleman that ensures your solar energy is compatible with your everyday electrical needs!

When it comes to determining the right sizes for your solar panel system, battery, and inverter, we’ve made it easy for you with our solar panel calculator. Simply indicate your monthly energy usage, and we’ll take care of the rest, providing tailored recommendations for your solar inverter.



While solar batteries are beneficial for some, they can come with a hefty price tag. Thus, we do not carry these products and often advise customers against incorporating a solar battery system.

Here at GetSolar, we will only use panels and inverters manufactured by Tier 1 manufacturers globally. For residential systems, some of the most popular solar panel brands include Jinko, Trina, JA Solar, and REC. And when it comes to inverters, names like Huawei, SMA, Fimer, and Fronius are quite the favourites. This industry-wide preference for renowned brands highlights the commitment to quality and reliability in solar installations in Singapore.

Solar inverters are pretty flexible when it comes to where they go, and they’re built to handle all kinds of weather. You can set them up both indoors or outdoors.

Rest assured, our friendly solar experts will help you find the perfect spot at your home to install a new solar inverter!

DIY installation of your solar inverter is illegal and is strictly not allowed in Singapore. Instead, connect with our GetSolar experts for a seamless and reliable installation.

At GetSolar, we’ve made the transition to solar a breeze! Here’s a quick overview of our hassle-free installation process:

Step 1: Firstly, request a free solar estimate.
Step 2: Our sales team will then conduct a digital property survey to craft a custom solar system design just for you.
Step 3: Afterwards, you’ll receive a personalised solar panel proposal.
Step 4: When you’re ready to commit to solar, we’ll swing by for a confirmatory site assessment – just to make sure everything’s a perfect fit.
Step 5: After signing the contract, it’s time for installation! Our experts will set up your solar panels with precision.
Step 6: Once your solar panel system is live, it starts doing its magic, generating electricity from the sun’s rays.
Step 7: But wait, there’s more! If you’re part of our Rent-To-Own programme or have a Power Purchase Agreement, enjoy free inspections and maintenance. If you’ve chosen the upfront purchase plan, you can still request our maintenance services at a nominal fee.

Read our step-by-step guide on solar panel installations to learn more.

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