GetSolar – The Trusted Solar Panel
Company in Singapore

GetSolar – The Trusted Solar Panel Company in Singapore

Unlock your savings while saving the planet. We make the process of getting solar simple for you with value plans for both homes and businesses – either through our zero-upfront cost, Rent-To-Own plan or an upfront purchase.


Protect your roof

Excessive heat from the sun can cause warping of your roof. Installing solar panels for your home can thus act as an added shield, preventing direct sunlight and minimising heat influx into your living space.

Reduce carbon footprint​

Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of energy available as it generates electricity without producing carbon dioxide. With sunny weather all year round, it is also a reliable source of renewable energy for your home.

Enjoy cost-savings

Installing solar panels can help optimise underutilised roof space. Depending on your electricity consumption and roof size, you can enjoy greater cost savings, potentially cutting your electricity bills by up to 80%!

Why Us?

Why Use Solar Energy?

As one of the leading solar panel companies in Singapore, we are at the forefront of encouraging homeowners to adopt solar panels for their homes. Solar energy, being an accessible source of power in Singapore, aligns perfectly with the vision of a zero-carbon future. 

This makes solar energy an optimal solution for transitioning to sustainable energy.

Why Us?

Switching to Solar Made Easier with GetSolar

As a leading solar panel company in Singapore, we make switching to solar easy for you with our efficient and hassle-free process. We understand that the world of solar technology can be complex, which is why we ensure that most of the work is handled by us. All you need to do is request a quote and our team of experts will guide you through the next steps!

Pricing Plans for Residential Solar Panel Installation

Ready to embrace solar panels for your home? Enjoy the flexibility to opt for either of the 2 plans available: Rent-To-Own or upfront purchase.


Solar panels for homes

Go solar for your home with Singapore’s first Rent-To-Own solar programme or opt for an upfront purchase plan.


Commercial solar panels

Embrace sustainability for your business through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or an upfront purchase plan.

Why GetSolar

Why Choose GetSolar?

Leading solar panel company in Singapore

Our team of specialists possesses in-depth knowledge of solar panels and solar panel technology. We ensure you have the information needed to make well-informed decisions.

Save and earn at the same time

Our solar panel systems can help you save up to 70% on your electricity bills. Our Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) programme also allows you to earn extra income by selling the clean energy your panels generate!

Transparent pricing and process

We are committed to maintaining transparency in our prices and processes. Every detail is outlined clearly in the contract, and there are no hidden costs.

Our Past Projects

They Trust us


Hear From our Customers

Our Media Features and Awards

Recognizing Media Achievements & Awards

A big part of GetSolar’s mission is to raise awareness and educate property owners about solar. We are truly grateful for the awards we have received and the support of our media partners, who have played a pivotal role in spreading our message on a wider platform.


Frequently asked questions

The preferred choice among many property owners is a Tier-1 solar panel with a warranty of at least 25 years. Additionally, we recommend monocrystalline panels as they have the most efficient cell technology, giving you the best return on investment.

Most solar panel suppliers in Singapore will only use panels and inverters manufactured by Tier 1 manufacturers globally. For residential systems, some of the most favoured solar panel brands include Jinko, Trina, JA Solar, and REC; common inverter brands include Huawei, SMA, Fimer and Fronius. This industry-wide preference for renowned brands highlights the commitment to quality and reliability in solar installations in Singapore. Read our guide to choosing solar panels to learn more.

Our Rent-To-Own programme is the first of its kind in Singapore. It offers you the opportunity to have a solar system installed without any upfront expenses. Instead, a fixed monthly fee is charged and this fee is expected to be lower than your current electricity bill.

At the end of the contract, you will own the solar system without any additional charges. This is a worry-free and cost-effective method for you to enjoy solar energy.

The cost of solar panel installation depends on various factors but it typically falls within the range of S$15,000 to S$50,000. For a rough estimate, you can expect it to cost around S$20,000 as most residential solar panel systems are approximately 10 kWp, which averages to about S$2,000 per kWp.

Yes! As part of this solar programme, you can benefit from rebates provided by SP Group. For homeowners using SP Services, these rebates are based on the standard electricity tariff rate minus grid charges, which typically accounts for around 25% of your total electricity cost.

For homeowners who have signed with an Open Electricity Market (OEM) retailer, the compensation is based on the Wholesale Uniform Singapore Energy Price (USEP). It is important to note that USEP rates vary every half-hour and can fluctuate significantly.

Read our guide on solar net metering in Singapore to understand more.

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