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GetSolar makes rooftop solar more accessible and hassle-free for residential and small to medium commercial property owners by providing zero upfront cost rooftop solar-as-a-service.
ENGIE Innovation Trophies 2021 win
Solar News & Trends

Solar AI Wins the ENGIE Innovation Trophies 2021

Estimated Reading Time: < 1 minute For more than 30 years, ENGIE’s Innovation Trophies have been honouring the innovations of employees and partners all over the world. The Innovation Trophies help identify and accelerate the roll out of

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Solar News & Trends

An Interview with Our Founder [ENGIE Factory]

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes This interview was first published on September 27, 2020. Find the original interview here: https://apac.engiefactory.com/portfolio-series-an-interview-with-solar-ai-founder-bolong-chew/ A former consultant for Fortune 500 and startup companies alike, Bolong Chew joined ENGIE Factory to become

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