Revitalize the way you prospect and sell solar projects

At Solar AI Technologies, we use geospatial data and machine learning to identify and assess rooftops suitable for solar, at scale. Let us help you to discover qualified leads and prioritize your sales efforts.

Beta Launch in November 2020.

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We analyze up to 98% of buildings in your area using satellite and geospatial data to give you a head start on your outbound sales and prospecting.


Focus on the projects which matter to you. Use our platform to screen and filter for leads within your region by project size, building type and more.


Ready to reach out to your prospects but unsure of how best to do so? Our sales support team can provide you with customized support to close the sale.

Revitalize Your Outbound Sales


Prospecting at Scale

Our algorithms identify and analyze prospects from satellite imagery and geospatial data, so you spend less time searching.


Data-driven Decisions

With up to 30 data points on each prospect, make informed decisions with data as your competitive advantage.


Prioritized Leads

Our lead scoring mechanism incorporates data insights to identify relevant leads and helps prioritize your efforts on closing sales.

Solar AI for Building Owners

Thinking about getting solar for your own home or the building you manage? Let our technology do the work for you and get a free solar assessment from us.