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With our Rent-To-Own program, you won't need to lift a finger.

Don’t want to pay a lump sum upfront? With our new Rent-to-own program, just pay a monthly fee and we’ll take care of everything. Guaranteed savings every month, watch your savings grow every year.

Why Rent-To-Own?

Installing a solar panel system is often expensive and troublesome. You have pay a large sum of money upfront to purchase equipment and hire contractors. Additionally, you still have to monitor and maintain your system.

With Solar AI’s Rent-To-Own program, we eliminate all these worries. We bring carefree solar energy to your home so you can be assured of savings on your electricity bill.

Instant Savings with us

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Zero Upfront Cost

We install your system free of charge

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100% Carefree

All service, maintenance and repairs are fully covered by us over the lifetime of your contract.

Instant Discounts

Fixed monthly rate even if electricity prices fluctuate.

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1. We monitor your system, ensuring it runs smoothly

2. We repair your system if anything goes wrong

3. We pay you back if your system underproduces energy


10 kWp Solar System (average terraced house)

Solar AI Rent-To-Own
10 year plan

Affordable, hassle-free monthly payments- start saving immediately

$0 Upfront


Own the system after 10 years

10 years workmanship warranty
with performance guarantee

Free maintenance for 10 years

Solar AI Rent-To-Own
5 year plan

Pay a down payment, with reduced monthly payments

$8,000 Upfront


Own the system after 5 years

5 years workmanship warranty
with performance guarantee

Free maintenance for 5 years


Pay upfront and own your system to enjoy free solar energy

$20,000 Upfront


Own the system immediately

1-2 years workmanship warranty with no performance guarantee

$500/visit annual maintenance charge

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I save with the Solar AI Rent-To-Own program?

3 main factors determine how much money you can save.

  • Your household’s energy consumption amount and patterns
  • Your current electricity retailer and utility rate
  • The number of solar panels that your roof can accommodate

The typical SP Group customer that consumes 1,500kWh of electricity a month mostly during the mornings and evenings, can expect to save $260 each month with a 12kWp system of 30 solar panels.

When you request a free quote, our solar advisors will work with you to simulate your home’s solar potential and determine how much you can expect to save with our rent-to-own program.

What is the difference between the Solar AI Rent-to-own program and getting a loan or installment plan for my solar system?

While both plans allow you to get solar with little to no initial payment, unlike the Rent-to-own scheme, a bank loan or installment will charge an interest rate or have hidden fees, and does not cover solar system maintenance.

Our Rent-to-own program is designed to provide you with a hassle-free solar experience, allowing you to enjoy cost savings from solar once you turn on your solar system. At zero upfront costs, unaffected by rising interest rates, you pay a monthly rental for your solar system which covers all maintenance fees and warranties.

What happens to the solar panels at the end of the Rent-to-own contract?

They are yours to keep! The lifetime of solar panels is often longer than 30 years. With a 30-year performance warranty, your solar panels will continue to generate free electricity even after the Rent-to-own contract, so you can continue to enjoy savings from solar.

What happens if I want to sell my home?

No problem! If you decide to move, we will assist you in transferring the service to the new homeowner. Our team will work with property agents and potential buyers to assist in the service transfer, so your move happens as smoothly as possible. Alternatively, you may also choose to pay down the remaining value of the solar system and add it onto your property value.

Ask us anything!

Still confused about our Rent-To-Own solar program? Let our in-house experts explain.

Past Projects & Testimonials

Homeowner David RTO

The Koh Family

14.72 kWp
Saving ~$420 a month
Installed Aug 2022

The Tan Family

24.53 kWp
Saving ~$690 a month
Installed Jul 2022

Based on 18 reviews
Richard Wong
Richard Wong
Solar AI and its partners did a great job to get me started on solar energy. From the initial estimates and design, implementation and launch of the solar energy system, they were friendly, transparent and diligent. Many thanks to Davies and his team who carried the solar panels to the top floor and then install them on the roof and being so careful all the way not to cause any damage to my property. The Rent-to-Own program was key to my decision to take on this venture. It provided a reasonble cost to own a solar energy system. Efforts on my part were minimum, the contracts well explained and the quality of work was great! They'd also listen to my requirements and adjusted the design to suit my needs. Overall a good experience. One suggestion to improve is to be more accurate in the PV layout in the early stages so as to avoid any surprises and missed opportunities. The energy output from the system is as expected so far. I'm keen to see my next utilities bill on the actual savings. Thank you Solar AI.
Amanda Low
Amanda Low
My 3-month marketing internship experience at Solar AI was a solid one. My supervisors were focused on output rather than the input, emphasising on efficiency and staff welfare, something I find is hard to find in many companies. The work was challenging at times, considering that initiatives were built from the ground up since Solar AI is a relatively new start-up. Sometimes, it would be discouraging to see a lack of results. However, I was able to take away valuable insights with the guidance of supervisors, while having the freedom to come up with my own working style and initiatives in this new role which I had no prior experience in. Support and encouragement within the family-like environment definitely was of help, along with the aesthetic and conducive office spaces (with good coffee and healthy snacks!). For anyone who enjoys a fast-paced working style with self-directed work, you can consider Solar AI as the company for you.
We almost didn't get solar... When we first contacted Solar AI we were advised against installing solar. The solar panels would outlive our current roof (30+ years tiles). Mid-renovation, we had to replace our roof after assessment for potential leakage. We contacted Solar AI again. Bolong, who is very knowledgeable, guided us through the whole process: - advise on the type of roof - setting up meetings with potential installers - checking in to make sure things were good Getting solar was a simple process. Thank you Solar AI team.
David Koh
David Koh
Excellent experience installing solar panels at my home thanks to the professionalism and expertise of the team at Solar AI.
Xavier Baudez
Xavier Baudez
Ivan help was instrumental to choose the best solar provider and through the whole installation.
Musa Ibraahim Sim
Musa Ibraahim Sim
Very informative and helpful for new solar owners!
Francis How
Francis How
I'm involved in a Solar Power System feasibility study project for my church. Bolong is appointed as our technical consultant. Based on our interactions and discussions, I'm very impressed with the professional knowledge and relevant information being shared with us. Bolong is very prompt in supporting us with any technical clarifications. Our final decision to adopt the most appropriate strategy and hence solution is a breeze. Thanks Bolong. Well appreciated of your team's great efforts to fulfill our needs!
Audrey Moo
Audrey Moo
Was exploring whether to install solar panels. Very good service and knowledge, patient in answering queries.
D Tan
D Tan
I'm interesting in moving to solar given electricity prices have been increasing. Solar AI really helped me to understand the financials around switching to solar with three live quotes from installers and looking at my usage, roof configuration and current electricity prices. Would really recommend anyone keen to learn more about installing solar panels for a free consultation.
Lean Seong Koay
Lean Seong Koay
Needed professional advice on fixing the solar system installed on a floating fish farm that I'm helping out. We aim to embrace green and sustainable energy on the fish farm but lack the technical knowledge to make it work. That's when I enquired with Solar AI Technologies and was attended to by Bolong, whom I must say highly professional and generously helpful to answer my queries. Though eventually the scope of my request was outside Bolong's expertise, he again exceeded my expectations by referring me to other experts who could solve my problems. This highly pleasant experience with Solar AI and Bolong entrenched a sense of hope to push green energy in the kelong industry! We are not an island because of professionals like Bolong!! A big thank you!

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