Solar AI at the ENGIE Innovation Festival 2021

solar ai at engie innovation festival 2021

The week-long ENGIE Innovation Festival 2021 took place virtually from 14 June to 18 June this year. Through the festival, ENGIE sought to bring together researchers, digital developers, business developers and other innovation actors from within the company and its partners to discuss and engage in a wide range of sustainable innovation topics. As the winner of the “Coup de Coeur du Jury” in the Innovation Trophies, Solar AI Technologies was invited to speak at the festival. Our Founder and CEO, Bolong Chew, along with the ENGIE Southeast Asia Head of Business Development, Bert Deprest, took the time to share how our digital solar assessment tool is the next step for the solar industry!

solar ai singapore engie innovation festival presentation

Empowering Solar Companies

“Solar sales is not easy and the average sales cycle for commercial and industrial solar is 12 months, and indirect costs for solar projects are also notoriously high. In some cases, it can stretch up to 30-40% of project costs, which can make sales costs even more expensive than the solar panels themselves”.

Bolong Chew, Founder of Solar AI Technologies

The discussion addressed the current struggles that solar installers experience in their sales process, in contrast, to fully digital sales channels which are now available for the purchase of insurance, cars or even properties. An online solar assessment tool was built to facilitate the digitalisation of the solar sales process in Singapore and in the wider region.

“One of the challenges with solar is that it’s still really difficult for property owners to get a solar quote online. At the same time, many solar salespeople are also often relying on manual processes like scrolling around google maps or driving around industrial estates to look for new rooftops. We’ve built tools to bridge this gap between property owners on one end and solar companies on the other”.

Bolong Chew, Founder of Solar AI Technologies

Bert also elaborated on how Solar AI’s assessment tool can empower ENGIE’s solar sales teams that target commercial and industrial buildings by making their sales processes more efficient and cost-effective. 

Check out the Solar AI video presentation at ENGIE Innovation Festival 2021 by Bolong and Bert here:

Get an Instant Solar Estimate for your Home Now!

solarai solar simulator estimate

Whether you’re ready to install solar panels on your rooftop, or just wondering how you can benefit from solar, use our instant solar assessment tool to get an estimate of the solar potential of your property and find out how much you can save. At Solar AI, we combine geospatial analysis of satellite imagery with big data and artificial intelligence to provide you with reliable and accurate solar information so that you can make a better solar choice!

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