Make more money from your solar system

With our RECs purchase program, earn extra money from your solar system.

This may be the closest it gets to “free money”.

What are RECS?

One REC is produced when a renewable energy system generates 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity.

Acquiring a REC is not the same as buying electricity. Rather, it represents purchasing the clean energy attributes of renewable electricity. 

Large enterprises often purchase RECs to offset their carbon emissions (similar to carbon credits) and meet their sustainability goals.

So how can I benefit from RECS?

I own a solar system.
Why sell RECs?

You can actually earn more income from your solar system! Registering and selling RECs has no effect on your electricity supply or bills.

However, selling them on your own can be troublesome, time-consuming and costly given the high asset registration and transaction fees.

I’m a Business.
Why buy RECs?

Why buy RECs? Similar to carbon credits, these certificates can help your business achieve your net zero targets, or most notably, join the ranks of the RE100 global corporate renewable energy initiative.

Unfortunately, there are limited RECs generated within Singapore to offset your local electricity consumption.

How the RECS Program works (Solar Owners)

No Commitments

No contract lock-in, cancel anytime. Sign up in minutes.

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We register, search for buyers and sell RECs periodically on your behalf.

Regular Cash payouts

Receive regular cash pay-outs directly to your bank account.

How do I buy RECs?

Our RECs are issued with the strict standardised renewable instruments under authorised international REC registry TIGRs, backed by APX. Reach out to us if you’re interested in buying RECs from local renewable energy systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes the price volatility of RECs?

RECs are still a relatively new asset class, and are purchased by MNCs or large corporations to achieve their net zero targets. Prices in the market are determined by demand and supply, based on the number of buyers and the volume of RECs they wish to purchase at any point in time, compared to the supply of RECs from renewable energy sources available.

Does selling RECs affect my electricity supply or my home?
Absolutely not! RECs are simply digital certificates that are issued to certify that clean energy is generated from a specific solar asset. Selling RECs makes no difference at all to your solar panel system and how you consume your electricity.
How does Solar AI make money from this program?

Our primary aim of launching the RPP is to help make solar more attractive for property owners. By allowing small solar PV system owners to monetize RECs, in effect we are able to shorten the breakeven period of solar. Solar AI earns by taking a portion of net profits from the sale of your RECs. Through the RECs Purchase Program, we bear the risks of REC price fluctuations and attempt to sell them at the best market rates for the greatest net profit. By bundling the sale of RECs across multiple properties in Singapore, we are able to reduce associated costs involved in the REC sale process.

How do I join the Solar AI RECs Purchase Program?

Simply write in to us at or contact one of our solar advisors to begin. We will request for a few details and registration documents on your solar system from you or through your solar installer. Thereafter, simply provide us with your authorization to manage and sell the RECs on your behalf, and leave the rest to us.

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