Solar Power Purchase Agreements

Instant electricity savings with zero capital outlay

Purchasing and installing solar panels incur significant upfront capital outlay. Enjoy instant discounted electricity with our zero upfront cost Solar-as-a-Service plan and we’ll care for all your solar system needs.

Benefits of Solar Leasing

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Zero upfront cost, with shorter lock-in periods

Our Solar-as-a-Service contract terms can be as short as 5 years. Start saving with solar electricity immediately with no upfront capital outlay.

Up to 70% discounts on your electricity bills

Receive huge discounts on your electricity bills. Lock in your discounted rates now and protect yourself from rising energy costs in a volatile market.

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100% carefree, hassle-free solar

We don’t just take care of your installation free of charge for you. All service, repairs, maintenance and paperwork are fully covered by Solar AI over the lifetime of your contract.

How it works

Owning a rooftop solar system is a great way to reduce your energy bills, but this does not have to compete with capital better used to invest in your core business.

In a Solar Leasing or PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) model, we install, operate and maintain a rooftop solar system on your property at no out-of-pocket costs. You are entitled to purchase electricity generated by the solar system at a discount, usually 50-70% lower compared to market electricity tariff rates.

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Your Solar Options

Long Term Plan

Zero upfront costs and lowest electricity bill for the long term

$0 Upfront Cost

Up to 70% discount on electricity

15-20 years contract

Free maintenance (including parts, monitoring and labour)

Minimum Energy Guarantee

Renewal Plan

Zero upfront cost with shorter lock-in period, higher discounts over time

$0 Upfront Cost

Up to 50% discount on electricity

5-10 years contract

Free maintenance (including parts, monitoring and labour)

Minimum Energy Guarantee


Pay upfront – own the system and save the most in the long term

Full system costs

No monthly payments

Own system

Additional charge for maintenance

No Minimum Energy Guarantee

Get your personalised solar assessment​

Get a complimentary and obligation-free proposal through our platform, supported by our in-house experts.

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We’re part of ENGIE Group, one of the world leaders in renewable energy.

Some of ENGIE’s clients in Southeast Asia:

Our Featured Projects

Fragrance Foodstuff

Installed Aug 2022

>180kWp, saving more than $66,000/year in energy bills

Church of Our Saviour

Installed June 2022

>170 kWp, saving more than $63,000/year in energy bills

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I save with the Solar AI Power Purchase Agreement?

3 main factors determine how much money you can save.

  • Your property’s energy consumption amount and patterns
  • Your current electricity retailer and utility rate

The number of solar panels that your roof can accommodate.

When you request a free quote, our solar advisors will work with you to assess your financial goals, energy usage and roof characteristics to determine how much you can expect to save with our Power Purchase Agreement.

How long does it take to complete a solar panel installation?

Commercial systems can take anywhere between 1 to 6 months dependent on the size and complexity of the project.

What is the difference between the Solar AI Power Purchase Agreement and getting a loan or installment plan for my solar system?

While both plans allow you to get solar with little to no initial payment, unlike the Power Purchase Agreement, a bank loan or installment will charge an interest rate or have hidden fees, and does not cover solar system maintenance.

Our Power Purchase Agreement is designed to provide you with a hassle-free solar experience, allowing you to enjoy cost savings from solar once you turn on your solar system. At zero upfront cost, you pay a discounted tariff rate for your solar electricity and enjoy full maintenance and warranty coverage.

I am buying electricity from the wholesale electricity market, will my solar panel installation be linked to my contract with my electricity retailer?

No, your PPA solar electricity tariff is not tied to your electricity retailer contract, and you can install solar at any time regardless of your contract end date. You can choose to switch at any time after the end of your existing retail electricity contract.

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