Guide to Prospecting with Solar AI’s LeadSearch Platform

The Solar AI LeadSearch platform enables solar developers and installers to easily prospect and find the most feasible rooftop solar projects within Singapore.

Prospecting and identifying the most suitable commercial rooftop solar projects can be time-consuming and frustrating. It may start off with an address book or exploration on Google Earth to identify large rooftops. You find out building details, identify the property owners or occupants, do up a quick rooftop solar design and start sending out a bunch of cold emails. Fast forward a few months — and yes you found a prospect who’s interested to take it forward! However, a few conversations in, you find out that the property owner only has 9 years remaining on their lease. Sounds familiar? Luckily, that is all (hopefully) changing with the Solar AI LeadSearch platform.

A new way to Prospect with the Solar AI LeadSearch Platform

The Solar AI LeadSearch platform combines geospatial and real estate data with pre-calculated solar estimates across nearly 10,000 (and growing!) commercial and industrial properties across Singapore, all in a single platform. Now, you can easily identify the most suitable leads in just a few minutes. From there, invest your time only into the prospects that are most relevant to you.

Today, we’re launching the platform across all of Singapore! Users who have signed up for the beta version previously will have their access automatically transferred to the new release at search.getsolar.ai. New users can also easily sign up for a free account.

In the following months, we will continue to expand this database across Singapore as well as enrich existing data sources to bring you more suitable leads you can target. Before that, this article will cover some key features of the Solar AI LeadSearch platform available right now. Here’s how you can best use the platform to find the most suitable leads for you and your sales team.

Search using our advanced search criteria


On the platform, you can search and filter for new prospects based on their location, solar PV capacity, lot lease terms as well as ownership type. 

  • Location – Select regions or postal districts from the drop-down list that you would like to search within. Choose one, or more than one – that’s up to you!
  • PV Capacity – Have a minimum project size? Or prefer to focus on small and medium commercial buildings? Insert your target project PV capacity range in kWp.
  • Lot Lease Term Remaining – Maximize the ROI on your solar projects by excluding buildings with shorter remaining lease terms.
  • Lot Ownership Type – Filter out your leads based ownership type between public agencies and private companies.

Pro tip: do note that “Lot Lease Term Remaining” reflects the lease term of the land lot, and in some instances (e.g. with JTC owned industrial properties) these could be divided into shorter lease periods for existing tenants. 

Identify and shortlist the most suitable leads


Once you click on the search icon after applying your search criteria, you’ll instantly generate a list of target prospects within Singapore.

Click on any of the headers on the table to sort your results in ascending or descending order. On the bottom of the page, you can also find a summary of the total number of buildings as well as total PV capacity of the buildings which meet your search criteria.

Unlock Data on your Selected Prospects


Once you’ve found a suitable prospect, simply click on the blue “Unlock” button, and select one of the three options available to purchase a data sheet on the prospect:

  1. Building Data Sheet – Understand your prospects well with all their information in one place. This includes: building location, rooftop solar estimates, details like building type and roof material, lot lease term as well as identified occupants. Download a sample PDF here.
  2. Building Data Sheet with Owner Contact – Instantly start selling to recommended decision makers. This includes: all data provided in the Building Data Sheet, as well as owner details and contact information on at least two suggested decision makers. Download a sample PDF here.
  3. Unlimited Access – Planning to purchase a lot more data? Feel free to select “Contact Us” or email us at sales@getsolar.ai and we’ll get back to you.

While we’re working on fully integrating payment on the platform (bear with us!), we’ll be sending you an email invoice to complete the check-out process. Once your payment is made, sit back, relax, and we’ll deliver your building datasheet to your inbox within 24 hours! 

There’s still so much for us to do, but we’re really excited to launch this as a first step. We hope to continue to provide you with a more effective way to identify the most suitable leads to drive solar deployment in the region!

If you’re new to Solar AI and are interested in checking out the platform, find out more here!

This article was first published on 1 March 2021 and last updated on 10 May 2021 to include additional details.

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Bolong Chew
Bolong Chew
Bolong is the Founder and CEO of Solar AI Technologies. He was a former management consultant and later worked with tech startups on market expansion. In building Solar AI, his goal is to use technology to simplify the solar experience for everyone.
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