Top 10 EV Charger Installers in Singapore [Updated 2023]

Singaporeans have been taking a liking to electric vehicles (EV), with new registrations in just the first half of 2022 exceeding double that of the whole of 2021. Find top electric vehicle charger installers in Singapore here, for residential or commercial EV charger installation.
Top 10 EV Charger Installers in Singapore

With the goal of phasing out all petrol vehicles by 2040, there’s been a strong push towards Electric Vehicles (EVs). The Singapore government has been offering tax incentives to lower the cost of owning an EV, such as the EV Early Adoption Incentive (EEAI). With the cost of electricity required to charge an electric vehicle being almost half the cost of fuel for a petrol car, as well as rising oil prices, it would make sense for Singaporeans to make the switch to EVs! 

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Whether you’re a residential or commercial property owner looking to incorporate EV charging amenities, these are some of the best companies providing EV charger installation in Singapore. Do note that this list is arranged in alphabetical order.

1. ComfortDelGro X ENGIE 

As recent winners in a tender to provide EV charging all over Singapore, one of the largest global land transport companies ComfortDelGro (CDG) and French energy giant ENGIE have installed AC and DC chargers accessible through the ComfortDelGro app. This project will be able to lead Singapore towards a sustainable future through the local transport industry while bringing convenience to EV users.

CDG and ENGIE also look forward to even more advanced green solutions, such as building EV charging farms on the CDG establishment and other upcoming projects. With this collaboration, you can definitely expect state-of-the-art technology in your EV chargers.

Website: https://www.comfortdelgro.com/ 
Contact: +65 6383 8833 / +65 6287 0311
Email: info@comfortdelgro.com 

Website: https://www.engie-sea.com/ 
Contact: +65 6513 8288 / +65 6261 2608
Email: enquiries@cdgengie.com

2. Eigen

eigen energy logo

Eigen Energy is a systems integrator in renewable energy solutions. Aside from electric vehicle charging infrastructure, they also specialise in solar photovoltaics and battery storage systems.

With its top-quality EV charging systems, Eigen Energy seeks to deliver high quality installations for all its customers. Each solar installation process is done by their in-house team with a high standard customer service.

Website: https://www.eigen.energy/ 
Contact: +65 6589 8601 / WA +65 9233 3832
Email: mobility@eigen.sg 

3. EVOne

EVOne logo

EVOne is a company with a vision to provide one-stop solutions for all Singapore Electric Vehicles (EV) related needs in the market. They have supplied EV chargers to Tower Transit electric buses, DHL warehouses and more.

They offer EV charger installations for sale or lease. They have also established an EV workshop to provide EV owners a one stop destination for all their EV repairs and servicing needs.

Website: https://evone.com.sg/ 
Contact: +65 83885884 / +65 82228359

4. Greenlots

Greenlots logo

Greenlots, a member of the Shell Group which is a renowned British multinational oil and gas company, takes pride in shaping the electric mobility future while ensuring sustainability of the environment. With this goal in mind, they provide advanced modern EV charging solutions for EV users in Singapore at any EV charging station with an easy download of the mobile application. 

Greenlots is an all-rounder in the field of EV charging, providing but not limited to, charging as a service (a subscription-based package that allows you to pay a monthly fee over a fixed term rather than the full upfront cost at the beginning), as well as EV charger installation. Installation is made easy, with experienced installers prioritising your personal needs and understanding each unique site. If you are looking for a one-stop solution, Greenlots is definitely a choice to take into consideration. 

Website: http://greenlots.com/
Contact: +65 6227 5944
Email: support.sg@greenlots.com 

5. QuickCharge.sg

QuickCharge logo

Providing an extensive list of EV charging products that suit residential and commercial requirements, QuickCharge.sg is an EV charging installation company, allowing EV drivers to have the flexibility of charging their EVs anywhere and at any time. 

Contact them for a free site evaluation by a professional electrician to be sure of any technical requirements and find the best location(s) for your charger to be installed at. In addition, QuickCharge.sg often has ongoing promotions, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Website: https://www.quickcharge.sg/ 
Contact: +65 8036 3636
Email: info@quickcharge.sg 

6. Sunseap

Many would have heard of Sunseap Group as the leading local renewable energy solutions provider, specialising in solar PPA as well as other clean energy technology that boosts energy efficiency, with the aim of providing everyone with affordable clean energy in a sustainable way. 

Charge+ is the green mobility arm of Sunseap that focuses on providing EV charging solutions, designed specifically to cater to cities with space constraints like Singapore. They even provide weather-proof charging that allows for seamless mobile app payment after. 

Website: https://www.sunseap.com/sg
Contact: +65 6816 1000 / +65 6255 5623
Email: customercare@sunseap.com

7. SP Group

SP Group logo

A leading utilities group in the Asia Pacific region, SP Group continuously provides innovative and sustainable energy solutions for customers all over the region. In Singapore, SP Group operates the electricity network to deliver efficient power supply to customers all over the Little Red Dot. SP Group also caters to installations for commercial projects. If you are a commercial owner, SP may be the company for you to consider working with!

Continuously expanding, SP Group launched SP Mobility in 2016, a network for public high-speed EV charging, to provide customers with EV charging solutions. As of this moment, SP Mobility has more than 540 charging points and more than 130 charging locations spread out all around the country, making it highly accessible for EV drivers here in Singapore through their mobile application. 

Website: https://www.spgroup.com.sg/ 
Contact: +65 6916 7799
Email: emobility@spgroup.com.sg 

8. Urban Renewables

Using different modern green solutions such as urban farming in a bid to fight climate change, Urban Renewables help cities strive for growth while prioritising environmental sustainability.

One of their solutions include providing customers with EV charging infrastructure support, aligned with the increase in demand for EVs and rise in environmental awareness. Urban Renewables launched Urban Charge, the solution arm that manages all EV related plans. Urban Charge by Urban Renewables stands out in the market due to their provision of zero cost for all EV charging units including installations for condominiums and O&M, covering all risks and investment costs.  

Website: https://urban-renewables.com 
Contact: +65 6679 6068 / +65 8591 0889
Email: info@urban-renewables.com 

9. Volt

Volt logo

Volt was formed through a collaboration between Keppel Infrastructure, a local utility service provider, and Wanbang Digital Energy, a huge EV charging supplier and operator located overseas in China. With a continuously expanding network, Volt specialises in providing seamless EV charging solutions for EV drivers. 

Volt emphasizes on the simplicity of the process, and payment for the transaction can also be made with the use of the Volt EV charging app, providing useful information like the cost of parking in the car parks that they are stationed in. Not to mention, end-to-end EV charging solutions are provided, meaning that they take care of everything from installation to maintenance for you, giving you a hands-off experience.

Website: https://www.keppelvolt.com 
Contact: +65 6701 1500
Email: sales@keppelvolt.com 

10. Watt

Watt provides end-to-end management solutions for anyone looking to become an Electric Mobility Service Provider. Their full service packages take care of all your EV charger installation and maintenance needs. 

They work with all types of properties including condominiums, service apartments, warehouses, commercial and industrial buildings. You can try out their Augmented Reality (AR) tool to visualise your new EV charger in your parking space.

Website: https://watt.sg/
Email: contact@watt.sg 

Reduce Emissions and Save More on Electricity

It goes without saying that EVs bring less harm to the environment by reducing air pollution that comes from emissions. But in our opinion, the ideal situation would be to charge an EV with a clean energy source like solar! 

solarai solar simulator commercial

Curious about how much you can save on electricity with a rooftop solar panel system? Try out this online solar assessment tool for an instant personalised estimate of your system cost and electricity bill savings.

This article was first published on 12 August 2022 and last updated on 8 March 2023 to reflect the most recent market information.

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Solar AI Technologies
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Solar AI Technologies
Solar AI Technologies
At Solar AI, we combine geospatial data and artificial intelligence to provide home and property owners with the tools and knowledge to get solar as easily as possible. Our mission is to use technology to simplify the solar experience for everyone.
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