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#solarbasics series cost savings with solar
Property Owners

Cost Savings with Solar

A solar PV system in Singapore usually costs between $15,000 to $30,000 and can be expensive. So does it make sense to invest into solar?

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switching oem retailer
Property Owners

Switching to an OEM Electricity Retailer

With the rise of the retail electricity market, both homeowners and businesses are given the flexibility and choice to switch to a retailer that supplies a plan that best suits their needs. Here’s a simple guide to show you how it’s done.

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financial incentives for solar in singapore
Property Owners

Financial Incentives for Solar in Singapore

With increasing emphasis on clean and renewable energy in Singapore, having financial incentives to help manage your budget is crucial in the decision making process of jumping into the environmentally friendly, green side of energy.

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gorgeous solar powered homes around the world
Property Owners

5 Gorgeous Solar Powered Homes Around the World

Think that solar panels might not look good on your roof? Think again. With solar panels coming in more designs and colours, these new additions to your roof will not only save you electricity, but also serve to spruce up the look of your home.

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top solar developers singapore
Property Owners

Top Solar Developers in Singapore

Solar developers, also called project developers or IPPs, are responsible for all aspects of a solar project from sourcing and development of the project to financing, designing and in some cases, construction. A developer is permitted to employ qualified individuals such as engineers and installation crews to help with the design and installation process.

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Top 10 Solar Installers singapore
Property Owners

Top 10 Solar Installers in Singapore

As solar is gaining traction in Singapore, finding the right solar installer for your roof is crucial in ensuring that the entire installation goes smoothly and hassle-free. Considering that each installer offers different packages and solar solutions, it is important to compare and decide which installer is best suited for you.

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