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Guide to Solar Water Heaters: How It Works & Is It Worth It?

As solar is increasingly gaining traction in Singapore, many homeowners have started to explore the idea of installing solar water heaters on their roofs. In this article, we’ll help you weigh the pros & cons of installing your very own solar water heater, which should help you make an informed decision about whether to invest in this technology.

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Complete Guide To Waterproofing In Singapore

As the rainy season in Singapore approaches, you might have burning questions on roof leakage repair or waterproofing your roof in general. Read on to find out what waterproofing is, why you should consider waterproofing, available methods to waterproof your roof within Singapore and more.

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solar garden lights

7 Best Solar Garden Lights to Make Your Garden Greener

If you have some sunny spots in the garden and you want to optimise that space, consider solar garden lights. The initial expense of these simple lights can save you on energy costs in the long run. Additionally, you won’t have to install any wires for it to work. Find out how they work and the best solar garden lights to make your garden even greener!

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Complete Guide to Charging Your Electric Car at Home

Complete Guide To EV Home Charging In Singapore

Driving an electric car is a great way to reduce CO2 emissions. Want the convenience of charging it at home? Here’s all you need to know about EV home charger requirements, types, best chargers & installers, installation process, cost calculation and more.

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