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Solar AI Technologies’ digital-first approach gives you an instant quote for your solar panel installation – because we believe that getting solar should be easy, transparent and the best deal in the market.

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Switching to solar has never been easier

Receive an instant solar estimate for your roof and find out how much you can save on your electricity bills. Compare between the best offers from pre-screened solar companies, completely online.

How it works


Enter your property and electricity bill information.

Simply key in your address and property details online. Let our technology do the rest for you.


Our system analyses your rooftop to calculate your solar potential.

We use satellite imagery and geospatial data to map your roof, detect obstacles and estimate your solar potential.


Receive an instant estimate and connect with pre-screened installers.

Get a personalized quote in your inbox, and connect with up to 3 solar companies for a no obligations free consultation.

A better way to get solar


The best offers on the market

We reduce costs for our solar installer partners who in turn compete for your business, resulting in lower prices and greater transparency for our customers.


Unbiased, quality advice

We have a 5-star track record and we often negotiate with solar installers on your behalf and recommend only the best offers.


Easy to use with no obligations

Get up to 3 complimentary and obligation-free quotes digitally through our platform, supported by our in-house virtual advisors.

Hear from our customers

Based on 12 reviews.
Audrey Moo
Audrey Moo
Was exploring whether to install solar panels. Very good service and knowledge, patient in answering queries.
D Tan
D Tan
I'm interesting in moving to solar given electricity prices have been increasing. Solar AI really helped me to understand the financials around switching to solar with three live quotes from installers and looking at my usage, roof configuration and current electricity prices. Would really recommend anyone keen to learn more about installing solar panels for a free consultation.
Lean Seong Koay
Lean Seong Koay
Needed professional advice on fixing the solar system installed on a floating fish farm that I'm helping out. We aim to embrace green and sustainable energy on the fish farm but lack the technical knowledge to make it work. That's when I enquired with Solar AI Technologies and was attended to by Bolong, whom I must say highly professional and generously helpful to answer my queries. Though eventually the scope of my request was outside Bolong's expertise, he again exceeded my expectations by referring me to other experts who could solve my problems. This highly pleasant experience with Solar AI and Bolong entrenched a sense of hope to push green energy in the kelong industry! We are not an island because of professionals like Bolong!! A big thank you!
Harriz Adry
Harriz Adry
I had a nice experience learning about PV systems I could use for my property. Ivan helped to walk me through some of the processes and costs involved on my end and I appreciated the extra effort he went for beginner
Joshua Ong
Joshua Ong
Good and friendly service. Would recommend to anyone wanting to install solar panels for their house!
Khuan Yew Cheah
Khuan Yew Cheah
Ivan Lim was very helpful as he gave a summary of the quotes from different installers and also pointed out the pros and cons of different types of solar panels. Great to have his advice especially for solar panel newbies!
Marc Lui
Marc Lui
I contacted Solar AI to explore installing solar panel for my house. Mr Ivan Lim replied to my request and patiently guided me through the whole process involves, answered my countless queries and arranged for contractors to quote for the job. Although the site situation does not permit me to proceed with installation now, I truly appreciated the care, patience and professionalism from Ivan and Solar AI.
Charmaine Koh
Charmaine Koh
I had a great internship experience at Solar AI! The team was very welcoming and provided me with guidance along the way. I was able to both pick up many new skills as well as forge new connections with the team and my fellow interns ūüôā
Winston Lim
Winston Lim
great help from the folks at solar AI who helped obtained several quotes for residential installation. Makes recommendation based on their experience too. however, personally did not go beyond the quotation stage as the various companies returned with a price above my expectation (ranged from $1500-1900/kwp). do consider these guys if you're looking to install a solar system as they'd help you shop around for different proposals from different companies!

Our features & awards

A big part of our mission is to make it as simple as possible for property owners to get solar, and we’re thankful to the awards we received as well as our media partners to help us spread the word on a wider platform.

Ask us anything

Have any questions about solar? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Why should I get quotes from Solar AI instead of approaching a solar installer directly?

The process of sourcing for solar quotations can be intimidating. At Solar AI, we want to ensure that going solar is as easy as possible for everyone. By using Solar AI, you will be able to enjoy all of the following benefits.

  • A hassle-free digital process:¬†Our online solar assessment tool and quote request form allow you to get digital quotes directly from recommended solar installers completely remotely.
  • An effortless comparison between solar installers:¬†Based on your needs and preferences, we will recommend appropriate installers for your solar installation. We will also provide you with comparison tables to help you benchmark the quotes that you receive.
  • A neutral advisor:¬†We represent you and serve as an advisor to help you get the best solar deal. We are also here to answer questions that you may have about solar and frequently negotiate prices or terms with solar installers on your behalf.
  • Fair and transparent prices:¬†Solar installers that quote with us know that they will be competing against other offers and keep their prices low. We often offer quotes that are comparable or even lower than those sourced externally.
How much does a solar panel installation cost in Singapore?

The cost of installation will vary based on several factors. The most important being the number of solar panels being installed. The cost of a solar installation in Singapore ranges from S$10,000 to S$50,000. That said, a good estimate will be S$20,000 as most residential solar panel systems are around 10 kWp (S$2,000/kWp). Besides the number of solar panels installed, roof material, orientation and complexity are other factors that can affect installation costs.

What is a solar panel system installation process like?

Before you begin, do ensure that you have conducted a site visit with your selected solar installer and agreed on a finalised solar design and installation contract.

The following are the steps involved in a solar panel installation in Singapore.

  1. If required, scaffolding will be set up to access your rooftop
  2. Solar panels and inverters will be delivered to your property, and you will need to provide safe storage for the equipment before installation works begin
  3. Mounting frames for the solar panels will first be placed on your roof. On metal roofs, these are usually attached directly without any penetration. For tiled roofs, roof tiles will be removed temporarily in order to secure the mounting frame before they are returned to their original location.
  4. Once the solar panels are fixed onto the mounting frames, the panels are then wired to a solar inverter
  5. The solar inverter is then connected to your property’s distribution board, which is also connected to a meter and to the electric grid
  6. Finally, solar installers will conduct testing and quality assurance, as well as handle any required paperwork for the solar panel system

In Singapore, proper licensing is also required to set up a solar panel installation, as well as,  registration with SP Services. Let us help you get in touch with qualified solar installers that will assist you with your solar panel installation.

Are there any grants for solar available in Singapore?

Unfortunately, there are currently no grants for the purchase of solar in Singapore. However, the cost of solar energy has fallen drastically and is now more affordable than ever. Several schemes are also available for you to make a profit from your solar panel setup and offset initial expenditure.

Our Impact

800+ kWp

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10,168 tons

of CO2e reduction over the lifetime of solar systems

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Why we exist

Our mission is to hyperscale the deployment of distributed solar and the transition towards 100% renewables by using technology to modernize the way rooftop solar is sold.